High heels elevate our look, add that glamour quotient to the simplest of attires no matter how tall, short, skinny or voluptuous you are. They come in many sizes, styles, colours and patterns we can choose from. But the catch here is that they are not always comfortable. So let's say you bought those beautiful red satin heels which are just gorgeous and you spent a good amount on them. But are you sure they will not bite you or put pressure on your ankles and not give you bunions? To avoid all these issues and make your shopping worth it, here are a few tips that will help you in buying the right pair of heels. So hold that cart you built online and see if you have considered all these pointers or not.

The Size & Fit


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I understand that trying shoes online is impossible but if you can, then try to wear and see your right size beforehand in stores. All brands have a slight difference in shoe fitting and sizes. If size 5 of a particular brand fits me it is possible that the other brand's 4 is my size. Browse in stories but buy online is the best solution. Online you get discounts and sometimes more variety as well. Do not go for footwear with loose fitting as eventually, the leather opens up and your foot will slide. In heels, this is something you cannot go wrong with as it can cause a fracture as well when you lose balance. Pretty heels are worth it only when they fit!

If the heels our feet are too tight, then too it is dangerous as your feet cannot breathe and if the shoes are not wide enough, you are bound to experience cramps. Lack of enough toe space can lead to ugly bunions, corns, and can also cause arthritis. It is best to spend your salary on pointy toe heels with a slightly rounded almond shape as that will let your toes breathe.

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How To Shop In Stores

Yes, it sounded weird to me as well, but I learnt it the hard way. Do not buy shoes right in the beginning when you are browsing through stores physically. Buy when you have had your lunch, bought everything else, and are extremely tired with swollen feet. This helps in testing the heels whether they can fit you throughout the day or not. If they are too tight, you will know that they are not going to be your dear expensive pretty shoes by the end of the day and you will simply curse them. However, if you know it is just for two-three hours that you have to wear them then it is okay to buy in the beginning.

Walk Test


This is more like an obvious key rule which I still notice, many do not adhere to. You cannot just sit, wear shoes, and get them packed. It is very important that you wear them and then walk in the store. While some of them will immediately start biting, others will, perhaps, take a minute or so. Therefore, it is advisable to take at least two to three rounds, bend down and see how well can they take your weight.

Heel Material

This is a very important point. It would be wise to buy heels in leather or suede only. Why? They adjust and mold according to your feet shape. The material becomes softer and prevents chafing as well. Lastly, they last longer.

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Heel Height

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Go for comfortable height which is ideally 3 cm to 9 cm high. The higher the heel, the more pressure there will be on your back, ankles and knees. Best are kitten heels between 4 cm to 5 cm as they are more comfortable and go with all outfits as well. Avoid investing in heels more than 10 cm in length. 

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