High heels are definitely a beauty lift. Wearing them women feel confident, beautiful and powerful emotionally and taller, sexy and curvy physically. Despite some health issues associated with it, women have been wearing sassy high heels from the tenth century. Available in the end number of styles, material, and colours, these footwears have always been popular. While every woman owns a pair of heels the adore, it does not have to go with all your outfits. 

Just like other footwear, different types of heels are meant for some or the other clothing. For instance, boot heels can’t be worn with ethnic apparels. As you keep a collection of flats and sneakers in your shoe closet, these heels should also make space in your wardrobe. 



If you have thick ankles, wedges are a must-have for you. The sleek wedge heels will make you your lower leg appear thinner. Sarees, Anarkali, jeans, formal wear, simple tees and skirts, wedges go perfectly with all. If you are a beginner and willing to learn how to walk in heels, probably you should start with wedges. 

The thick soles of this footwear give more comfort to the wearer than any other pair of heels. Wedges also look great on petite girls. Invest in a pair that has slim heels, and not the one that appears like a platform heel. Even wedge heels come in a various variety, you can pick any starting from flip flops to mules and peep-toe wedges. 

Ankle Strap

ankle strap

No matter what shape or size you are, the ankle straps look gorgeous on one and all. No matter you buy stilettos, platforms, single sole or chunky ones, the ankle strap is great and goes with almost all the trendy outfits. The ankle straps are perfect for spring and summer season. You can’t consider your summer wardrobe complete without one of these. 

They make you feel free and fancy, besides providing absolute summer comfort. Any jumpsuit, pencil skirt, and distressed jeans ahs to be worn with ankle strap heels. While the floral ones look great, investing in black pair can never go wrong. Just mind the back strap fits the toe completely, as anything clumsy may not look smart. 

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Available in various styles from peep toes to open toes, pointed toes, and rounded toes, pumps are the most glamourous pair of heels a lady can own. You will often find celebrities walking down the red carpets in these footwears. Pump adjust posture, accentuate calves, buttocks, and chest the best. 

If you are wearing a beautiful gown on any occasion, pumps are your go-to heels. However, wearing them regularly can turn out to be really painful as these are not that comfortable. If your pumps have pencil heels, you definitely need to do lots of practice before actually donning a heavy dress along with this classy pair of shoes.