Treat Yourself With Delicious Street Food In The Lanes Of Lajpat Nagar

You can not only shop but also treat yourself to lots of delicious street food items in Lajpat Nagar.

Bhavishya Bir
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One of the most popular markets in Delhi is Lajpat Nagar market. From wedding lehengas to casual outfits to kids clothes to footwear to household items to phone covers to makeup, you can buy everything at this place.

Lajpat Nagar is often filled with people holding their shopping bags but not everyone’s main purpose is shopping. Many people are in the market to enjoy the tasty street food. There are some popular and some not so popular food joints at this place and I would recommend you to try them once. It will surely be a treat for your taste buds.

Momos & Chinese Chaat At Dolma Aunty

momos lajpat nagar street food

Momos have a special place in every Delhiites heart and you won't get better momos than at Dolma aunty. This place is many years old and quite popular and it is totally justified. You can get vegetable, paneer and chicken momos and all of them are totally worth it.

Apart from momos, this small outlet is also quite popular for Chinese platter or Chinese chaat. It sells veg and non veg chinese chaat and both of them are just amazing. The platter has lots of noodles topped with a variety of items. The veg plate has manchurian, spring rolls, chilli potato and chilli paneer while the non veg plate has chicken manchurian, chilli chicken and chilli seekh kebab.

Ram Ladoo

ram ladoo lajpat nagar street food

You will find this delectable dish in many corners of Lajpat Nagar and it is truly satisfying. Moong dal pakoras are topped with grated radish along with green and red chutney. It is a mix of flavours and the combination with radish is just out of the world. I would surely recommend you to try this one but make sure that the moong dal pakoras are freshly made.

Chole Bhature

chole bhature lajpat nagar street food

Nothing is more fulfilling than a piping hot plate of chole bhature and it is surely a bliss to have it along with green chutney, onion and achaar. You will easily get a plate of delicious chole bhature in Lajpat Nagar and you will not be disappointed.

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lassi lajpat nagar street food

Having a plate chole bhature without a glass full of lassi topped with malai is surely a sin. Chilled lassi served in a kulhad will surely make your day. Make sure that you are getting fresh lassi as it is better for you and is also more tasty.

Chole Kulche

chole kulche lajpat nagar street food

Chole kulche is a special delicacy in the whole capital and you will get one of the most delicious plates of chole kulche in Lajpat Nagar. This one is surely a must try for you and trust me, you will surely love it.

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Afghan Burger

afghan burger lajpat nagar street food

Lajpat Nagar is filled with people from Afghanistan and you must have heard about the Afghan lane. So, head straight to this area in Lajpat Nagar and you will find an Afghan burger. It is basically lots of ingredients including boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, fries and many more wrapped inside a special kind of bread.

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