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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 05 May 2022, 13:05 IST

Craving Delicious Burger? Try These Indian Brands Instead Of Burger King And McDonald's

If you are tired of eating burgers at McDonald’s and Burger King, you must try these Indian brands for a juicy treat.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 05 May 2022, 13:05 IST
burger tasty

Imagine a juicy burger between your teeth while your tongue taste the flavours and cheese melts into your mouth. Are you drooling? Have you started to crave a juicy burger? 

The burger is one of the most consumed fast food items in India and even abroad. It can be induced with ample flavours and comes in a variety of cuisines. However, did you know that there are a handful of burger brands in India that are giving tough competition to McDonald’s and Burger King? Let’s take a look!

The Burger Company

the burger company dish

Image Courtesy: The Burger Company/Instagram

The Burger Company is a casual dining restaurant chain in India that serves some of the juiciest burgers that you can have. They use in-house sauce (3 ways to make mayonnaise at home) and fresh ingredients to ensure the hygiene of the food items.

The company started in Gurgaon in 2018, and today, it has 100+ operation outlets across India. Neelam Singh, Founder of The Burger Company, wanted to start a Burger Cafe with a welcoming ambience and unique composition of burgers. She made her dream come true with this brand.

Today, the menu of The Burger Company includes hotdogs, burgers, pizza, pasta, milkshakes, momo, coffee frappe, fries, appetizers, sandwiches and coolers. Treat your buds here to satiate your cravings.

BOSS Burger

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A post shared by BOSS Burger (@boss_burger_india)


If you want to get a kick out of eating a burger, you must try it at the BOSS Burger outlet. They have one of the yummiest menus among several fast food outlets in India. The ambience is fun and lively for friends and family to enjoy the outing.

The menu of BOSS Burger includes beverages, sidekicks, burgers, shakes, sweet dishes and special dips. Their tiramisu, brownies, nachos, fries and chicken wings are quite famous among their loyal customers. Try out their specialities and share with us on Facebook how you liked the taste.

Burger Singh

burger singh

Image Courtesy: The Burger Singh/Instagram

Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder of Burger Singh, was told by his father that if he would not get a master’s degree, he would have ended up flipping burgers to earn his bread. This chain of burgers serves items with Indian flavours.

While Kabir was abroad, he worked at a burger outlet to meet his needs. However, he did not like the taste of bland burgers that he got for free. Hence, when he launched Burger Singh, he ensured to introduce twists with Indian spices.

For example, their menu has Junior Udta Punjab Burger, Chunky Paneer Pandey Burger and Dum Aloo Burger. Their menu also includes momos, side snacks and fries. Their budget-friendly fast food items not only fit your pocket but also offer a lip-smacking taste.


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A post shared by Wat-a-Burger Official (@wat_a_burger)


Rajat Jaiswal launched Wat-a-Burger to introduce people to a fabulous blend of spices and flavours of fresh vegetables. He was an avid foodie and imagined his customers like Jughead from Archies comics. 

It was launched in 2016 in Noida. That was a single outlet, and today, its outlets span over 11 states and 16 cities. If you are a fan of eating juicy burgers, you must try Chicken Surprise Burger, Peri Chicken Burger, Grilled Mutton Kebab Burger and Aloo Achari Burger from one of the outlets of Wat-a-Burger. 

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Biggies Burger

biggies burger

Image Courtesy: Biggies Burger/Instagram

In November 2011, Biraja Prasad launched Biggies Burger in Bengaluru. Its grilled burgers (burger recipe) are quite famous among its loyal customer base. It is one of India’s biggest burger brands. 

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They use quality and fresh ingredients to provide you with authentic flavours. They have been running successfully for more than 10 years. Their burgers are quite affordable and delicious. You can also try their shakes and fries to satiate your hunger pangs. 

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