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9 Baking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

If baking is your new passion, then you should definitely know these hacks.
Published -13 Feb 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 09:37 IST
  • Bhavishya Bir
  • Editorial
  • Published -13 Feb 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 09:37 IST
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Even if you love cooking, you might find baking a bit difficult as it is not actually cooking. Baking is a science. The proportion of the ingredients should be proper along with the proper amount of heat. Therefore, it gets a bit difficult to get it right at the start.

However, if you learn a few tricks and follow the recipe properly, then it is not too hard. You just have to follow instructions. To make your baked goods perfect, we are here with a few tips for you. Read on to know some amazing baking hacks that will make your life easier.

Read The Full Recipe Before Starting

Don’t start without reading the full recipe. Take the time to read the recipe. Collect all the ingredients and kitchen appliances at one place before you start. This way you won’t miss out on anything and if you don’t have anything, then you can get it from the market and don’t have to panic while making the batter. Be prepared by reading the recipe before you start baking.

Use Unsalted Butter

Check your butter before you add it to your batter. Make sure that it is unsalted. Aforementioned that baking is a science and if you add salted butter to the batter, especially cake batter then it can change the chemistry of your batter. It will affect the texture and will throw off the delicate flavours of your batter.

Place Towel Under Your Mixing Bowl

towel baking hacks

We know that your mixing bowl doesn’t stay in place while you are whisking and it ends up creating a mess and making it difficult for you to make the batter. Therefore, we have a simple trick for you. Take a damp towel, make a long tube by tightly rolling it. Now, place the towel in a circle on the kitchen countertop. Now, place the bowl in the centre and you will see that your bowl is not moving anymore.

Use Breadcrumbs To Coat Your Vessel

Along with oil, people usually use maida/refined wheat flour to line the baking vessel. However, there is a better alternative. You can swap the maida with breadcrumbs. We know this must sound weird to you but it is a great option. In fact, toasted breadcrumbs are better than toasted maida. Also, it makes it easier to take the cake out without any difficulties.

Ripen Bananas In The Oven

bananas baking hacks

Your bananas might be ripened enough to eat but your bananas need to be more ripe for baking. We have an easy way to make your bananas perfect for baking. Just put them in the oven at 150 degree Celsius for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Make sure to put a parchment paper below as the bananas might leak while cooking. Take out the bananas after they turn black and they are ready for use.

Use Wet Hands For Sticky Foods

When you are preparing to make a sticky food like fudge that will surely stick to your hands but you still need to use your hands in order to give it the right shape, then wet your fingers. This way the food won’t be sticking to your fingers and you can easily make your recipe.

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Don’t Let Brown Sugar Go Hard With This Hack

Brown sugar is used in several baked goods. However, if it is kept for too long, then it goes hard. If you want to know a hack to keep your brown sugar soft just like when you opened the packet, then we have a simple hack for you. Just put a piece of bread in the middle and it will be good to go.

Keep Your Cookie Dough In The fridge For 24 Hours

cookie baking hacks

After your cookie dough is ready, it is advised to refrigerate it for about 24 hours before you bake your cookies. You can even let it be in the fridge for a few more hours. This will add to the flavour and texture of the cookies. This one simple trick will make your cookies taste a lot better.

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Don’t Skip Sifting

A lot of recipes specifically mention sifting all your ingredients and some other recipes don’t mention it. However, it is always a good option to sift your ingredients as this way no unwanted substances will enter your batter. Thus, no lumps will be formed and you will get your desired consistency.

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