This 67-Year-Old Doctor-Model Is Making Age Look Like 'Just' A Number

Meet Dr. Gita Prakash, a 67-year-old model who is an inspiration to many.

Lakshita Singh
doctor cum model inspiring story

Fools are those who said women are not capable of being independent, because today I know an uncountable number of women who are not only successful, but also ruling wherever they go! They are not letting any challenge stand in their way of success, and I am confident that if all women are given equal opportunity, nothing will be able to stop them from ruling the world!

Age, height, or location are no longer barriers as we witness various examples of women defying stereotypes every day, and this inspires many other women.

One among these incredible and inspiring women is 67-year-old Dr. Gita Prakash who became a model at the age of 57 and proved that age is simply a number that does not determine when one should do what.

Who Is Dr. Gita Prakash?

Dr. Gita Prakash is a General Physician as well as a successful model who began modeling at the age of 57 and broke several age related stereotypes. She is currently one of the most sought-after models in the industry, with major fashion houses and brands casting her in their campaigns. She has posed for several major designer brands including Gaurav Gupta, Tarun Tahiliani, Nicobar, Anju Modi, Torani, Jaypore and Ashdeen.

According to TOI, one of her patients, an Italian photographer, asked if she wanted to model, and gave her her first break.

Dr. Gita Prakash First Modeled For Designer Tarun Tahiliani

"It was some 10 years ago, I got a chance to be featured in a campaign by designer Tarun Tahiliani. Then Jaypore brand approached me to model for their kani shawl, since those shawls were mostly worn by women of my age group", she told TOI.

She modeled for Tarun Tahiliani at the age of 57 and has never looked back. Today she has worked for several major designer brands and has no plans to stop.

She Is A Dedicated Doctor

Dr. Gita Prakash is a dedicated doctor. She told thebetterIndia that she makes sure to take up modeling assignments only on weekends, so that her work as a doctor doesn't get affected.

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Dr. Gita Prakash Shares An Inspiring Message

In an interview with TOI, she shared an encouraging message she wants to share with the women around her. She said "I would like to tell them that they should never stop dreaming no matter how old or young they are. There is no age limit for anything in the world and one shouldn't let your age decide your passion and hobbies".

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Age Is Just A Number

Sharing a post on her Instagram account, she wrote that "Age is just a number. And you can be what you want to be at any age."

Dr. Gita Prakash is teaching us all that age is just a number, and that we can achieve whatever we want, anytime we want, without letting any societal norms come in the way. So Never stop dreaming ladies!

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