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    Bollywood Movies That Broke Stereotypes

    Bollywood movies are infamous for pushing the same old story in different ways. But there are some movies that were a game changer.
    Published -09 Nov 2021, 09:42 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 10:04 IST
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    Bollywood is quite infamous for using the same old story in different ways. The age old stories do evolve a bit with the time but the basic concept remains the same. This means that some stereotypes are promoted through these films which further get set in the minds of the people. 

    However, there are some films that are not contributing to these. Instead, these films are breaking stereotypes, thus bringing a change in the mentality of the people. Here are a few such films mentioned. 

    Pad Man

    padman movies stereotypes

    Who would have thought about a film on the hush hush topic, periods. Releasing this film in a society where periods are considered a taboo and also impure was a big move towards change. This move towards a better menstruating world was not a failure and this gives us hope. 

    English Vinglish

    english vinglish movies stereotypes

    It is true that there i s no age limit to learn something new and the film proves it. A woman in her 40's who is disrespected by her loved ones just because she doesn't know english sets out on a journey to gain her respect by learning the language with full enthusiasm. 

    However, the cherry on the cake was the last scene where she still prefers a Hindi newspaper despite knowing the English language. 

    Taare Zameen Par

    taare zameen par movies stereotypes

    This is one of the most loved movies from our childhoods. From parenting to the way of teaching, this movie had an impact on our life in several ways. The age old thought that the only way to succeed is through studies and if a child cannot concentrate on studies, then he/she is a failure was abolished through this movie. 

    Wake Up Sid

    wake up sid movies stereotypes

    This is a simple love story but it is difficult to find such stories in today's times which is away from the shenanigans of jealousy, possessiveness and betrayals. This is just a story about two people finding the essence of life through each other. 


    dangal movies stereotypes

    It is quite a normal scenario when a father trains his son in sports or any other physical activity. However, it was something new for people to see a father training his daughters. When the Phogat sisters were training under their father, the world got to see a new side to a father-daughter relationship

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    mom movies stereotypes

    A concept is set in our minds that the mother is supposed to care for the child and pray for their safety while the father is supposed to fight for the child. This stereotype was broken when not a mom but a stepmom fights to get her daughter justice. 

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    Mission Mangal

    mission mangal movies stereotypes

    A new mom, a divorcee, a mother in her 40's, a single woman in 20's, an old man at the edge of retirement or a young man stabilising his career, everyone can achieve their dreams when they set their minds to it. Nothing can act as a barrier if you act your part with utmost dedication. 

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