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    Winter Wedding: These Style Hacks Will Keep The Bride Warm & Fashionable

    Are you about to have a winter wedding and haven’t plan to protect yourself from cold breeze? These tips will help bride-to-be stay warm and fashionab...
    Updated at - 2021-01-21,13:42 IST
    Style Hacks Will Keep The Bride Warm & Fashionables

    Winter weddings are romantic and exceptionally beautiful. However, it can give a tough time if one is not prepared well, especially the bride. In order to be able to enjoy your own wedding for the fullest, it is of utmost importance that you take care of your health. We are not talking about your diet, but about protecting yourself from winter chills that can leave you sick. 

    We know you don’t want to compromise looking anything less than a diva on your wedding day. But preparing for winters and staying at the top of your fashion game can go hand in hand. With a few amendments and style hacks, the winter bride-to-be can ooze oomph. All you will need are a couple of tips and tricks, such as: 

    Pick The Right Fabric

    Pick The Right Fabric

    The fabric matters a lot when planning your winter wedding. For any other time of the year, you might only pay attention towards the colour and the embroidery, but during the cold weather, you must decide on the fabric that can look regal and can keep you warm at the same time. One of the best options is going with velvet, as it seems royal, high-fashion and is perfect for a wedding couture. Some of the other options can be nylon, corduroy, or cotton. They are also great choices for winter blouses, which gives that much-needed protection from the cold breeze. 

    Design Your Blouse Carefully 

    Design Your Blouse Carefully

    Most brides-to-be workout for months if not years to flaunt her figure on the wedding day. If you think winter wedding can stop you from doing that, then probably you’re wrong! Don’t drop your ideas, just opt for smart designs. An illusion back can help you show off your body and at the same time can keep you warm. When it comes to sleeves, there is nothing as stunning as full sleeves. We saw Shraddha Kapoor exuding glamour in red full sleeves blouse at Indian Couture Week and we say it is something that will elevate your wedding day look. 

    Layering Is The Key 

    Layering Is The Key

    Be it your wedding in India or honeymoon in Switzerland, layering can elevate your winter fashion game each and every time. Take cues from Susmita Sen and Deepika Padukone, who are looking drop-dead gorgeous in their layered bridal looks. To create something like this, invest in matching shawl and use it to drape around your lehenga on the wedding day. Use another dupatta that will rest on your arms, and a third one to cover your head. This will keep you warm all night and you will look regal in the best way possible. 

    Wear Warm Clothes Underneath 

    You must invest in the right clothes that you will be wearing underneath. This includes a warm legging or even shapewear (lesser-known benefits of wearing shapewear) that will keep you warm. You can pick any colour, such as skin colour, red or black, anything that you think will suit you. Another great trick to staying warm is by getting a warm woollen fabric stitched under your blouse or skirt. 

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    Bridal Footwears 

    Bridal Footwears

    We know footwears are the last thing a bride thinks about when it comes to bridal shopping. If you haven’t started your bridal shoe shopping, we say also think about winters and then pick a piece for yourself. It will be best to invest in a covered shoe. If you like sneakers (tips to find the right white sneakers), go for it over heels. They are quirky, trendy and looks absolutely adorable! 

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