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    6 Tips To Help You Buy The Ideal Bridal Footwear For Your D-Day

    Planning to buy your bridal footwear, but feeling confused? We’re here to help! Read on to know some handy tips to bring home that ideal bridal shoe. 
    Updated at - 2021-09-30,16:20 IST
    ips To Help You Buy The Ideal Bridal Footwear

    On your special day everything must be perfect, the outfit, the makeup, the lingerie, and the footwear. While planning the wedding day look, generally the least emphasis is given to footwear.

    But, after your attire, wedding shoes are the second most important choice a bride will have to make for her look. Without the right kind of shoes, different elements will not be able to complement each other. That’s why we are here to help and give some handy advice on how to do bridal footwear shopping. 

    Research & Research 

    Before stepping out of your house you need to have a clearer picture of what and where you want the shoe from. That’s why we highly recommend you to research well in advance. You don’t want to get mesmerised by the endless options that the stores have to offer. Be adamant about what you’re looking for. Once you find your perfect match go out and try them on to make sure they’re comfortable and go with the vibe you researched about. 

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    Shop For Bridal Footwear At The Last Minute 

    Shop For Bridal Footwear At The Last Minute

    It is important that you buy your amazing bridal lehenga and jewellery first and then move on to bridal footwear. This is because, you may take time to alter your lehenga, buy complimenting ornaments, and decide your hair, makeup. If you bring your shoes home first, there are less chances that it will bring everything together. That’s why buy your bridal footwear around 7-8 weeks before your wedding. 

    Heel Height

    Heel height totally depends on your comfort level. If you are that person, who wears heels day-to-day, then you can probably go for a similar heel on your bridal shoe. But, for girls who are more into flats, it probably won’t be a great day to suddenly start wearing a 3-inch heel. If you feel okay with your height, don’t shy away from wearing beautiful flat bridal shoes, but if you would prefer a shoe with a heel, perhaps you can opt for wedge sneakers! 

    Your Shoes Must Match Your Dress

    Your Shoes Must Match Your Dress

    If you think it will be fine for your shoes to exude different vibes than your outfit, then probably you’re wrong! Matching your footwear to your attire is a big factor in having a polished, stylish bridal look. If your lehenga is golden, pink, or red, it’s important that your wedding shoes be too in the same hues. It may seem like an insignificant difference when you think about it, but you will notice the impact of it on your wedding day and most importantly in your wedding photos. 

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    Opt For Wedges Over Pencil Heels

    Besides pretty, the whole look of your wedding day should be very comfortable, and that’s why we recommend you to go with wedges. They are much more comfy, unlike pencil heels. Also, they give you balance and just don’t sink into muddy or uneven surfaces. Because of a slightly raised platform heel pattern, they provide easy movement no matter what you’re wearing.

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    Allow The Foot Accessories To Shine 

    Allow The Foot Accessories To Shine

    Of course, you will be sporting the most beautiful anklet or paayal on your wedding day. But if you buy footwear with ankle straps on them, you might take away the shine of those foot accessories. Apart from hiding your stunning mehndi design, the paayal and the ankle strap together can start to feel uncomfortable and pokey over the course of the day. That’s why it is best to invest in an open-toed or even peep-toe platform heels. They will be great to show off your mehendi, and those amazing foot ornaments. 

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