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Why You Should Think About Thrifting

Thrifting is a better, sustainable, and pocket-friendly option to excessive, never-ending shopping lists! Here’s why you should give it a go!  
Published -19 Nov 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -19 Nov 2021, 11:17 IST
things to know about thrifting

Thrifting is a better, sustainable, and pocket-friendly option to excessive, never-ending shopping lists! 

Being a teenager, or at an age where your clothing choices matter, it is always better to thrift than to buy excessive clothes that are actually needed! Shopping is a choice in life where you can put a stop to it if there is a shortage of money in exchange but when you can source some at a great, cheap price and that too in a nice condition, why not?!

Here are 6 reasons why you should shift to thrifting instead! 

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It’s In A Good Condition

With thrifting being a commodity available to society, we should make the most use of it. With people using and disposing of clothes very frequently, there’s a fair amount of chance for people to leave the disposed clothes in a very good condition. 

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It’s Cheap

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With being disposed of, it’s usually sold for a much cheaper price than it was bought at. Cheap selling to the thrift store owners is a result of the second selling of an article. This ensures a cheap MRP for us, thrifters. 

It Is Good For The Environment 

As things are often tossed into the bin for not being able to be used, it surely could be of use to somebody else. You can purchase a second-hand item at a much cheaper price at good quality at a thrift store. With that, you are preserving the environment as you do not have to purchase a separate product and allow investing in separate chemicals and plastics for use. 

It’s Good For Your Creativity 

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You can explore the world of thrift with an open mind as it hardly crunches your wallet. You can unleash your inner creativity and actually experiment, be it clothes or books or just about anything available. 

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It’s Just Not Clothes 

With thrifting, you can explore just about anything. It’s not only limited to clothes but also can be extended to books, gadgets, shoes and so on. You can find almost anything and everything at a thrift store today. 

It’s Good For The Community 

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With thrift stores, people tend to build communities. Thrift stores allow people to find their communities and build ones on their own. Some thrift stores are also opened for charitable causes, for instance, a blind school, or a charity for the less fortunate. 

Are you thinking of thrifting as much as we are? Let us know on Instagram and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more! 

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