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Crop Top Sweater? Style Them In 5 Different Ways

Crop top sweaters are so in this season! Here’s how to style them in 5 different ways!
Published -12 Nov 2021, 13:15 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 13:26 IST
how to style crop sweaters

Having a take on fashion in the winters is truly a struggle, isn’t it? We all deeply love crop tops but how do we style crop top sweaters in the winter season when it’s super chilly outside? 

Crop tops have a huge versatile background and are an evergreen choice for the youth. With a wide range of choices, it seems to be a difficult choice and the affordability for all doesn't seem to be at par with one another. 

Here are 5 ways you can style your crop top sweaters this winter season to ace your outfit! 

High Waisted Pants 

A crop top is best suited with high-waisted jeans, so is a crop top sweater. You can add a belt to put emphasis on your outfit while also adding a bralette under the sweater. It will bring sexy into your outfit, even without too much effort.

To go in for a minimal look, go for a basic brown eyeshadow and a bit of mascara with a nude pink shade to go for the lipstick. 

You can add minimal jewelry pieces like a long, layering necklace or a pendant and a wrist bracelet. 

High Neck Sweater Sleeves

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With a cut sleeve crop top sweater, you can add on a pair of sweater sleeves to your outfit to make it trendy and chic. 

With sweater sleeves, it gives a virtual illusion of wearing 2 separate clothing items for the same purpose yet giving it an edgy look. 

To pair these with something, you can go for joggers and loose pants as the sweater sleeves are a body con and there is a difference in portions with the looks! 

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Sleeve Drop Sweater

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With off-shoulder crop tops, it may seem a tad bit difficult to pair up something. We suggest mid-rise jeans with medium-fitting standards and sneakers. 

A pair of sneakers take the outfit to a whole nother level. A pair of white sneakers is essential in today’s time and will be found in everybody’s wardrobe. 

You can leave it open and free to its will, let it do its magic as you cross over a street with a sling bag on your shoulder. 


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Cropped sweaters almost work tremendously well with co-ords. Co-ords have had a different shelf life in the fashion world and are a unique choice to go for. With co-ords, you can choose almost any colour and style you think fits you the best. 

They come in high waist, low waist, as well as mid-waist rises with a variety of styles in almost every store today. 

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With White Shirts To Work 

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A cropped sweater on top of a white shirt is a fashion statement that has been in the fashion world for decades and has had the tendency to stay as long as possible. 

You can pair a white shirt, a black, cut-sleeved cropped sweater on top with black, high-waisted jeans, and add cute accessories to your outfit with some white sneakers and a sling bag to carry your essentials! 

How do you plan on pairing your crop top sweaters for this winter season? Let us know on our Instagram and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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