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    How To Make A DIY Choker At Home

    Want to make a choker at home? Here’s a simple guide on how to!
    Published -07 Nov 2021, 09:00 ISTUpdated -07 Nov 2021, 09:12 IST
    DIY choker

    Accessories are a large part of our outfits and we are always looking for cooler, quicker accessories to add on. Why not make something out of things available casually at our homes? Here’s a guide to help you make 3 different chokers for all your outfits, casual or formal! 

    Metal Ring Choker

    Having a big piece of metal onto your accessory is such a classy, industrial look, do you all agree? Here’s how you can make one at home! 

    Step-By-Step Guide- 

    • Take a strand of velvet fabric, about 14-16 inches, coloured in your choice of colours and a circular metal piece for the centre of the choker. 
    • Cut the strand into 2 equal proportions. 
    • Roll around 1 strap by one end of the metal and stick it within a tiny portion using a glue gun. 
    • Repeat the process with another strand of the second end. 
    • With the other end of the strands remaining, add accessory hooks using threads of the same colour. 
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    Your choker is ready to hit the streets. 

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    Braided Choker

    This type of choker reflects community cultures and traditions from around different parts of the world (5 Ways In Which You Can Add Tassels To Your Look!). It includes diversity and exclusivity in your outfits. 

    Step-By-Step Guide-

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    • Take some strands of soft leather, choose a different variety of colours to bring diversity and playfulness. 
    • You will also require a buckle, cord end, flatner, plier, clasp, and jump rings. 
    • Cut the leather strands about 30 inches long in each colour, taking about 3 colours. 
    • Tape them down and start braiding them as you would normally braid your hair, making sure they lay flat on the table. 
    • Don’t tug it too tight, or else it will lose its essence. 
    • After you're done braiding, pull the buckle through the strands, securing as we go with 2 ends of the buckle. 
    • Adjust the buckle into the middle. 
    • To secure the ends, take the end of the braids, and add a cord end to both sides with a plier. 
    • The very last step is to add the clasps to the accessory to help them attach to each other. 
    • With the help of flatners, add jump rings to both the cord ends, and your choker will be ready to wear!

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    Daisy Lace Choker 

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    All you need is any ribbon or trim, inch chain length, jump ring, clasps,2 ribbon ends, round nose (Best Nose Ring Designs For You) jewellery pliers. 

    Step-By-Step Guide-

    • Using your pliers, secure the ribbon ends to each end of the ribbon or trim.
    • Attach your chair length to one ribbon end. Attach your clasp using your jump ring to the other ribbon end.

    Your choker is ready to be seen! 

    How are you deciding to make your own choker? Let us know on our official Instagram page, and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more! 

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