Straws have become an important part of our life and honestly we need them more than we require. We do not realise it, but it’s time we woke up. Our environment has spoken and needs to be renewed. It needs some relaxation from all the exhaustion of the resources we continue to do on a daily basis. 

sustainable straw

Straws are something that is used by everybody, be it a child or an elderly person. There is no age barrier or a set target audience for straws thus the production is massive. The production being massive in number, the amount of plastic generally used is naturally going to be enormous. 

There are many alternatives we can opt for in case we still want to prioritize using straws for a longer use. Many Indian clothing brands have also shifted to a much sustainable approch in their production.

bamboo straw

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Bamboo Straws

Alternatives from the natural resources have been used since ages and have been an actual success. We have seen bamboo straws in many restaurants for years now and we have loved the concept. As children, we have taken many of them home too. 

Being organic, degradable, and ecological, they are harder to clean. At times, a special tool is needed to clean them. They also leave a taste in your drink as they are not chemically processed. So you might get a grassy taste with your drink, you never know, you might love it. 

Having a shorter life, they are good for 1 or 2 uses only. They are considered amongst the expensive one time use straw alternatives. 

metal straw

Metal Straws

Metal straws have a long life and are good for a long term use. They do not emit chemicals and are safe for use. Being available in many shapes and sizes, they are dishwasher safe and are also mobile. You can easily carry them in your bag and use them anywhere you go. 

Because of the durability and material used to make the straws, it’s comparatively a bit more expensive to manufacture than the other alternatives. It may not be easily available everywhere since it’s not a feasible option for every fast food joint to switch to them as the costs go higher. They anyway use reusable, inexpensive cutlery and disposable extras. 

paper straw

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Paper Straws 

They are not a reusable alternative. Thus, a good alternative for food joints to shift to paper straws as they are much more sustainable and cost efficient. Paper straws usually fall saggy after a while in liquid, and last for a short while. But are bio - degradable in nature which serves our purpose well. After use, they can be put to compost and be a part of the manure for the produce. 

Being a one time use, that too not for long, it makes it difficult to use. 

silicone straw

Silicone Straws

Silicone straws are the softest straw alternative out there. Some Indian shampoo brands have also steppped in to take this approach. They are food safe and can also be moulded according to your desire in some cases. They are made out of natural materials and are a very ideal choice for younger, older and disabled individuals of the society. They provide comfort and fun. 

Silicone is a natural, flexible and long lasting alternative. The only drawback to these straws is that it attracts dust easily and is harder to clean. In our eyes, silicon straws are the way to go.

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glass straw

Glass Straws

Glass straws look super chic and are non - toxic in nature. They are smooth to touch and also easy to clean in comparison to others. They do not provide an extra taste to the beverage like the bamboo straws. Being the most durable alternative, they are easy to slip and crack open. Hitting lightly can break them. 

Being made of glass, they can break in and out of a beverage like a hot coffee. These straws can also be very expensive as compared to the other alternatives in the market.

Straw Safety

Young children, elderly and disabled individuals should be supervised while using straws. It may choke them. While children are unpredictable and no one ever knows what happens when. 

Choosing an alternative according to your need is very important for us today. Continued use of plastic is going to result in a way we don’t wish to see in the future, neither for us or for our future generations. How are you making an impactful change in your daily activities?

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