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Are You On The Heavier Side? Here Is How You Should Choose Your Wedding Lehenga

Choosing your wedding lehenga can be a little tricky when you want it to conceal your problem areas. 
Published -27 Apr 2022, 16:24 ISTUpdated -01 May 2022, 09:07 IST
wedding lehenga tips for women who are fat heavy bust

Choosing your bridal lehenga can be tricky. On your D-day, you wish to look no less than perfect and for that, you need an impeccable outfit. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs available out in the market, you can find it difficult to pick the right wedding lehenga for yourself. 

Things can be further challenging for brides who are on the heavier side. Plus-size brides are usually more stressed out about their wedding outfits, however, here we have a quick guide for you which will help you choose your perfect wedding lehenga. These quick tips will help you pick a wedding lehenga which makes you feel yourself while also concealing your problem areas. 

Go For Darker Shades

When choosing your wedding lehenga, make sure you go for darker hues. Darker colours like a deep blue, red, maroon, green will make you look slim and tall.

Pick Vertical Designs 

Instead of going for heavy, horizontal patterns or designs on your wedding lehenga, go for vertical ones. These always give an illusion of a longer body, hence making you appear taller. 

Pay Attention To The Fabric

fabric wedding lehenga bridal heavy women

When you step out in the market to choose a wedding lehenga, you might fall for a certain colour or design. However, that should not be your only criteria to buy it. Pay a lot of attention to the fabric you are going for. Fabrics like georgette, chiffon, best suit plus sizes because they are lighter on the skin and cut down on the volume.

Get 2 Dupattas

Dupatta trends keep changing with time. While there was a time when brides only went for the double dupatta, lately a lot of them have been keeping it light with just one single dupatta over their head. If you wish to conceal your problem areas, you should go for two dupattas. Keep one for the head and the other one to cover up the front section of your body. Remember to get it draped well. The dupatta draping plays a key role in defining your wedding look. 

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Go Custom

custom wedding lehenga plus size

You don't have to follow the lehenga trends which have flooded the markets if you don't feel like carrying them. If you have imagined a certain look for yourself for your D-day, consult a designer. Get your wedding lehenga customised as per your needs. This will further help you get a better fitting for your wedding lehenga. 

Blouse Hacks For Plus Size Brides

Your blouse style will make a whole lot of difference in your overall wedding look. Keep the following tips in mind - 

Go For A Longer Blouse

Instead of going for traditional choli cuts or shorter blouse designs, go for longer blouses. Longer blouses will help you cover the stomach and will be a good pick if that is your problem area. You can try interesting blouse designs like a peplum blouse or a jacket style blouse with your wedding lehenga. 

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Choose A Lighter Blouse

In terms of the design, go for a blouse which has lighter work, maybe just around the neckline, hem or sleeves.

Avoid Going For A Padded Blouse

If you are someone with a heavier bust, do not go for blouses with pads. They will further add volume to your bust area. 

Opt For A Deeper Neck, Longer Sleeves

It is also important to pay some attention to the neckline and sleeves of the blouse. If you are getting a custom blouse, ask the designer to go for a deeper neck. Scooped neck or deep neck blouses give an illusion of a longer upper body. Also, instead of cap sleeves or short sleeves, go with full sleeves which make your arms and bust look less heavy. 

We hope these tips help you buy a wedding lehenga which makes you enjoy the most of your special day, helps you enhance your curves and makes you feel a lot more comfortable in your skin. For more such fashion related tips, stay tuned! 


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