Bridal Checklist A Week Before The Wedding

From gifts for bridesmaids to the fittings of your lehenga, this wedding checklist shall be certainly of much help to every bride-to-be.

Kumari Rajnigandha
wedding checklist a week before

It's finally the last countdown to the big day after all of your hard work wedding planning! With one week to go, we thought it would be useful to create a handy little checklist, a week-before the wedding date. To ensure that nothing is left to the last minute or, worse, forgotten about! This is a must-read for every couple heading close to their wedding date- clearly, not everything on the list will be relevant to you and your other half, so take what is needed and discard the rest!

Brides are always excited for their big day, and this excitement might lead to a few reckless behaviours. And we're sure you don't want to overlook any details for your magical wedding. So, here are a few things that all brides should take care of a week before your wedding.

Lehenga Fittings

lehenga fittings

Of course, you're delighted to dress up in your gorgeous lehenga, aren't you? But what if it doesn't fit you on the big day? Yes, this seems like a devastating mistake, and to avoid it, make sure your lehenga arrives a week or two before the wedding so you can double-check all the little details and fits to prevent any last-minute stress on your wedding day.

Bridesmaid Gifts


Your bridesmaids are your continuous support, and that is a given, so order the bridesmaid gift ahead of time to thank them for everything they have done for you or have ever done for you. This way, you won't have to worry about the late delivery, right? Keep the gifts ready in everyone’s name ahead of time so as to avoid any kind of last-minute confusion.

Skincare Check


Ladies, trust me when I say you don't want dull, clumsy skin on your wedding day. As a result, you should begin preparing for your skincare not just a week ahead, but much earlier. To maintain a perfect skincare routine, make sure you're following the proper skincare routine.

Test The Whole Look

You'll need to pick up your dress the week before the wedding, but that's not all. To finalise your look, try on the entire ensemble, including shoes and jewellery. Walk down the aisle a few times to make sure everything looks and feels right.

Wedding Heels

Your wedding shoes are certainly brand new, and you'll be wearing them for quite some time on the big day. Wear them around the home for a short period of time each day and walk around on a few different surfaces to properly try them out.

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Confirm Vendors

On the Monday before the event, send an email to all of your vendors or give them a short call. Make sure to confirm arrival timings. Your florist, baker, caterer, and hair and beauty staff are all ought to be a part of this conversation. This will ensure that you can relax on your wedding day without worrying if everyone will show up on time or not.

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Choose A Family Member To Pick Up Gifts

Choose a family member to collect the card box or any wedding presents offered by visitors. You can also ask them to collect any decorative item that you wish to keep or take them to your house. You may be too busy to remember, or you may be on your way to your wedding after-party. Assigning this responsibility to someone else (and making them responsible for it) will ensure that everything arrives safely at your house.

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