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Best Lehenga Colour Combinations For This Wedding Season

This wedding season ditch sarees and try our best lehenga colour combinations.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -28 Sep 2021, 14:58 ISTUpdated -28 Sep 2021, 17:40 IST
best lehenga colour combinations

The wedding season is here and so are the stunning lehengas. Not every bride or attendee would love a beautiful saree; some would prefer lehengas. From bridal red to a soft sea green; lehengas can be found in all colours. Sarees used to be the wedding staples but say bye bye to Sarees and hello to lehengas.

Big brands like Sabyasachi Sarees, Manish Malhotra etc. have started making bridal lehengas for brides all over. Here are some stunning colour combinations you would love to wear this bridal season. 

Baby Pink And Pale Peach

Anushka Sharma's baby pink and peach lehenga

Image courtesy; pinkville.com

Baby pink and pale peach is a beautiful pastel colour combination which would look stunning of fair skin tone and even a darker skin tone. If you remember Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding then you must’ve seen the beautiful floral baby pink and pale peach lehenga she wore for her wedding day. 

Baby pink and pale peach lehenga combination is definitely celebrity approved.

Stunning Red And Gold

Stunning red and gold lehenga

image courtsey; karagira

Red and gold are Indian wedding classics, everyone loves the stunning red combined with gold because it gives such a royal look. This combination is for the die hard Bollywood lover who wants a big fat Indian wedding. This lehenga colour combination will definitely live up to all your royal, regal Indian wedding dreams.

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Ruby Red And Burnt Orange 

Ruby Red and burnt orange lehenga

Image courtsey; Utsav Fashion

Quite a lot like red and gold; ruby red and burnt orange are second to our classic combination. Red and burnt orange have more of an energetic and youthful look. It is a fun and fresh colour combination but also not too far from our loveable classic.

Midnight Black And Gold

Midnight black and gold lehenga

Image courtsey; @manishmalhotraworld

Black in a wedding? Yes, black looks absolutely stunning in a wedding especially with gold. It will make you look like a million trillion bucks. Black and gold give off a rich, luxurious look to anyone who wears it. It is a sharp, elegant yet sassy look which will define a hit this wedding season.

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Outgoing Yellow And Forest Green

Outgoing yellow and forest green lehenga

Image courtesy; Bombay Boutique

Yellow and green is something not a lot of people love to put together but it looks extremely stunning and full of life once you try it on. Yellow is an outgoing and energetic colour while green is an earthy and down to earth colour; combined they give a beautiful energetic yet forest elf look.

This colour combination is used in Gujarat pretty often during Navratri season.

Fiery Red And Quirky Pink 

fiery red and quirky pink lehenga

Image courtsey; karagiri

This combination is definitely for the modern bride who wants to have something classic like red but with a fun twist like pink. If you love classic and quirky combinations then this is made for you. Pink elevates the red giving it a nice spin-off and a break from being just a simple classic.

Creamy Mustard And Solid Red

creamy mustard and solid red lehenga 

Image courtsey; fabj.com

This colour combination will definitely for a reception, sangeet or the main wedding. Red and mustard got together like two peas in a pod. Mustard and red is a colour combination which is often used in South Indian weddings. You can definitely use this colour combination for an energetic sangeet dance.

Soft grey and gold

soft grey and regal gold lehenga

Image courtsey; Myntra

Soft grey and royal gold is a newer colour combination that has started to come into popularity. The grey and gold combination is a soft look. It has an icy look to it with a slight warmth from the gold. If you have a winter wedding then this combination is going to make you feel like an ice princess ready to marry her Prince Charming.

Sea green and soft pink

sea green and flirty pink lehenga

Image courtesy; Utsav Fashion

Last but not the least comes this sweet pastel combination of sea green and soft pink. Want to look like a mermaid or a sea princess? This is the colour combination for you. Sea green will give you all the oceanic vibes while the soft pink are the beautiful sea shells you find at the beach. If you are having a beach side or a by the ocean wedding then you need to give this colour combination a go.


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