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Type Of Jeans And How To Select The Right One For Yourself

Find it challenging to find the right denim for yourself while shopping online? Follow this quick guide. 
types of jeans and how to select

A pair of jeans might be your favourite bottom but finding the right one can be a little tricky. Even if you have been carrying it for years now, you might not be wearing the correct fit as per your body type. Also, a lot of us have switched to online shopping recently and it can especially be a struggle to find the right pair of jeans virtually. To find the perfect denim for yourself, it is important to choose your rise style and it can be difficult at times. 

We spoke to Manjula Gandhi, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Numero Unoand asked her to share some tips on how one can choose the right jean fit for themselves. She said, "Small, medium and large are the sizes of jeans that indicate what is going to fit the body. However, while shopping, people often do not take jean fits seriously. These jean fits give a specific look to your body besides providing comfort . However, understanding them can be a task as it takes a little knowledge to fathom the process.

What Is Jean Rise?

As the name suggests, the rise is the distance between the crotch joint and the top of the denim wasitband. It is important to pick the right rise of the denim because it will determine how your jeans fits your body. Also, the rise will affect the comfort of the denim overall. 

What rise you choose can make or break your look. There are four jean rise categories and if you understand them right, you will be able to pick the right one for your body type. 

Low Rise

Low rise denims often fit a few inches below the belly button. They are also known as low waist jeans. Because of the low rise, these denims usually have a wide waistband whihc makes your bottom appear wider. Low rise jeans should be picked by those who wish to enhance the natural curve of their body. Low rise denims looks great with tucked in tees and oversized t-shirts. 

Who Shouldn't Wear Low Rise Denim?

  • Those who have short legs and a long torso should stay away from low rise pants.
  • Below average height women should also avoid buying low rise jeans. Low rise denims will be uncomfortabe for short women.

Mid Rise 

mid rise denim

Mid-rise denims fit below a woman's belly button but in terms of comfort, they are better than low rise denims. Mid rise denims are perfect for women with a short body rise or short torso. Those who have a muffin top should wear this rise as it helps control its appearance. The waistband of a mid rise denim usually falls above the widest part of the hips and makes the hips appear smaller.  

Who Shouldn't Wear Mid Rise Denim?

  • Those who have a slimmer figure should avoid wearing a mid-rise denim. 
  • Mid-rise jeans have a thicker waistband which covers the belly button.

High Rise 

High rise denims offer a more flattering look because they accentuate the wearer's waist. Wearing high rise denims gives out an illusion of longer legs. These denims fit around the belly button. High rise jeans can be teamed with just anything, be it anarkali kurtas, statement blouses. 


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Who Shouldn't Wear High Rise Denim?

If you have a skinny body, avoid wearing high rise denims. These jeans have a lot of volume which covers most of your belly area. (Tips to lose belly fat)

Ultra High Rise

Ultra rise jeans is quite similar to high rise denims. They fit above the belly button and just perfect for women who wish to cover their belly area. These denims provide a slimmer look to the wearer. Both high rise and ultra high rise jeans are trending these days. They look great on most body types. Both the rises are versatile and can be paired with boxy tops, kurtis and shirts. 

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Who Shouldn't Wear Ultra High Rise Denim?

  • If you wish to accentuate your hip and belly area, avoid wearing high rise denims as they cover up most area instead of enhancing it. 
Tips To Keep In Mind While Shopping For Denim
types of jeans fit

  • While shopping for our denims, most of us focus on the waist measurement and skip the hips. For that perfect fit, it is important to measure the hip area too. 
  • If you are shopping online, you must have seen websites mentioning what size the model is wearing. Keep a check on it because it will give you an idea of how the bottoms will fit your body type. 
  • Jeans are made using a fabric called denim but denim too is available in different stretches. While some of them have a tigher fit, others are high on elastane and are most stretchable. 

We hope this guide helps you understand your jeans and the fits better and helps you find the perfect one for you. Team your denims with chic blouses, straight kurtas or crop tops. For more such fashion-related stories, stay tuned! 



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