A woman looks best in saree irrespective of height, age, figure and complexion. A woman adorning a saree will always be the centre of attraction but the thing that will make most heads turn is the blouse. A well-fitted blouse can enhance your look instantly.

The most important part of saree blouse is its sleeves as they are the most visible part. However, with a variety of sleeve designs out in the market, it can get confusing to choose one. Therefore, we are here to tell which sleeve design is the best for you.


blouse off shoulder

Starting from western tops and dresses, this design has reached saree blouses and is a rage now-a-days. It is perfect if you want to show off your collar bones but do remember to keep the blouse simple. 

The sleeves lie on the upper part of your arms and the rest of it is your choice whether to keep it short or long. This blouse works best with fabrics like silk, lace and velvet.

One Shoulder

blouse one shoulder

One shoulder is the most popular trend of 2021. From celebrities to models, everyone is rocking it and now, it is your time to try this risky yet glamorous trend. Although, this looks good on anything, from tops to dresses to gowns, but it looks exceptionally great on saree blouses and gives you a chance to flaunt your collar bones as well as shoulders.

Halter Design

blouse halter

Halter designs have been in the market for quite some time but are especially getting popularized in 2021. Everyone is trying this, from our Bollywood divas to common women, and you have to too before it gets too late. Perfect for women with broad shoulders, this blouse design hangs on your neck and shoulders. Try this design as soon as possible and it will definitely increase the temperature at your next party.

Bishop Sleeves

blouse bishop

Indian designers have once again brought back a retro style to the modern days with these amazing bishop sleeves. These are a rage between celebrities and can be often spotted on the ramp. You can also flaunt this exceptionally beautiful vintage style with ease, so, try it immediately and look your best.

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Full Sleeves

blouse full sleeve

Full sleeve blouses can never go out of fashion, therefore, they are a long term investment. At the same time, they look extremely stylish and are perfect for you if you also want to show off your blouse in style. Full sleeve blouses can be sheer as well as opaque as per your preference.

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These blouses are perfect for women of any size or height. Additional benefit is that it will protect you from sunburns during summers as well as cold during winters.


blouse sleeveless

Another design that can never go out of style. Made for bold and beautiful women, sleeveless blouse attract attention towards the saree and at the same time adds a glam factor. 

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Sleeveless comes in a variety of options depending upon the broadness of the strap. You can choose any kind depending upon your comfort.

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