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Don’t Know What To Do With Your Short Hair? Try These Celebrity Approved Hairstyles

Short hair surely look cute but can be tricky to style. So, we are here to help you with these celebrity approved hairstyles.
Published -03 Oct 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 16:17 IST
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It's no surprise that short haircuts are more popular than ever in the fashion world. A short haircut often looks chicer and stylish than any long haircut, and the lack of inches in return adds glamour to the personality. However, chopping off the locks is a big decision and many of us fear this drastic change in our looks. So, it's always a good idea to scout for options. Luckily, there are plenty of celebrities sporting short hair looks these days that can provide proper inspiration. 

Here are some hairstyles suggested by Mr Sameer Hamdare, hair expert, Zonal Technical Manager at Streax Professional that will give you a new and fresh look and make you look different in your regular short haircut 

Long Bob Hairstyle 

kareena short hairstyles

A bob that is cut near the shoulders is a long bob. It is one of the most popular bob hairstyles because it flatters most face shapes and hair types. It is also known as a lob. There are so many cut and styling options for a long bob, including curls, asymmetric cuts, deep parts, and waves! What's the best part? A shoulder-grazing long bob is so simple to style and wear.

Maintenance Tips

  • Shampoo wash and conditioner your hair
  • Apply strong Mouse on semi-wet hair 
  • Straight blow-dry with a big round brush 
  • After straight blow dry take a profile parting from crown to nape vertical section and do big tongs using tong iron
  • After completing the tong apply hold and shine spray for a finished look

Pixie Hairstyle

mandira short hairstyles

A pixie style is a short women's haircut that is commonly seen on fashionable gamine women. If you're a tomboy at heart and don't mind a crop, a pixie haircut is a must! You may lose most of your locks, but you gain a simple wash and go style with an added edge to your look and a swing of compliments.

Maintenance Tips

  • First shampoo and conditioner your hair
  • Apply mouse on dam hair
  • Then blow-dry with a small round brush
  • Apply soft wax and freestyle your hair
  • Apply shine spray for the final look

Graduated Layers Hair 

bob short hairstyles

What exactly is a graduated hairstyle? It is a cut in which weight is built up within the shape or along the outside line – a gradual progression of hair lengths from short to long. Graduation can be done at any length, but the results can be more diffused at longer lengths.

Maintenance Tip

  • Shampoo your hair and condition thoroughly
  • Apply strong Mouse on dam hair
  • Blow-dry with a medium round brush
  • Apply dry wax to create a volume on the crown area 
  • Apply some serum for a finished look 

Graduated Bob Hair 

akshara short hairstyles

A graduated bob hairstyle is one with more length in the front and more volume at the back also known as the stacked bob cut with multiple layers stacked at the back and gradually increases in the length as it goes to the front. This style gives a very chic, trendy and in fashion look and suits all face shapes.

Maintenance Tips

  • After shampoo and conditioning your hair, blow-dry with a paddle brush 
  • Immediately iron your hair and turn the ends inside
  • Apply soft hold spray to settle the shape Lastly apply shine spray to finish the look 

Fringe with Bob Hair 

sayani short hairstyles

A bob with bangs is any bob cut with fringe. There are numerous types of bobs that look great with bangs this includes stacked or angled lobs, A-line, blunt lobs, inverted lobs, and more and looks attractive on every face shape and hair type.

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Maintenance Tips

  • After shampooing and conditioning your hair to apply mouse on semi-wet hair
  • Blow-dry with a big round brush and in the fringe, area blow-dry with a small round brush, make sure all the ends are turned inwards 
  • Apply hold spray to fix the shape 
  • Use shine spray to finish the look

Lob Hair Cut 

anushka short hairstyles

A lob style is when the hair cut is between the chin and the collarbone (5 ways to get a collarbone). A lob is a shortened term for a long bob, and the length of a lob varies. Lobs, when cut properly, can make thin hair appear thicker. A lob haircut flatters all hair textures and face shapes and is a low-maintenance hairstyle and is ideal for women’s who likes longer hair but prefer a shorter hairstyle.

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Maintenance Tips

  • Wash your hair properly and apply the serum on semi-wet hair
  • Blow-dry with a paddle brush
  • Iron your hair from roots to ends
  • Apply shine spray for the final look

Short hair can be fun and refreshing by adding elements and experimenting with it. You can always opt for styles that suit your short hair length to rock your look.

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