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    Accessories For Short Hair That Will Amp Up Your Look

    Stylish short hair can be tricky but they will look exceptional with these accessories.
    Published -15 Jun 2021, 17:01 ISTUpdated -24 Nov 2021, 17:33 IST
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    Cutting your hair short can be a bold move but if you are brave enough to do so, it can enhance your look instantly by highlighting your features. However, styling them can be a bit tricky and you obviously, don’t want it to look the same every day.

    It is definitely true that you can’t style it in numerous different ways as you would do with long hair but you can surely add some hair accessories to brighten up your whole look. If you are not sure about how to accessorize your short hair, then, we are here to help you.

    Knotted Scarf 

    short hair accessory scarf

    Just adding a simple scarf to your hair will instantly live up your whole look. However, you need to pay attention to the knot as its placement is crucial for your look. Knotting our scarf on the side of your hair can definitely make it look extremely stylish and it will seem like you have put a lot of efforts in styling your hair, when in reality it was just effortless. This will also help you keep your bangs at bay and make you feel comfortable on a hot summer day.

    Sparkly Hair Clip

    short hair accessory clips

    There is nothing easier than to put a hairclip on your head and your look will instantly be amplified. However, it will be a plus point if you go for sparkly ones as they put an extra statement symbol to your hair or overall look. Try it with different twists and turn on your short hair or you can just simply put it in the front or side. 

    Flower Tiara

    short hair accessory tiara

    It is a problem with most hair accessories that they won’t stay put unless they are secured with a large chunk of hair. However, there is no difficulties with a flower tiara. Just put it on and you are good to go. This is easy to use as well as looks extremely lovely. You can experiment with different flowers to change your look every now and then.

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    Bobby Pin pattern

    short hair accessory bobby

    If you are not a big fa of sparkly clips, then coloured bobby pins should be your best friends. Get some in different colours and make cool patterns in your hair. This will look way too cool by just learning a few to tips to do it with finesse. Do remember to try different patterns every time you wish to use bobby pins. 

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    Jewelled hair Comb

    short hair accessory comb

    Hair combs are really easy to use and at the same time go with any hair length. If you want to feel comfortable and keep your hair away from your face, then this is the perfect accessory for you. Just brush and gather your hair at one point and secure them with these hair combs. 

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    short hair accessory hairband

    If we are talking about hair accessories, then headbands can never be left behind. These come in so many styles, colours, shapes and sizes, you will never get enough of these. The best part about these is that they look wonderful even with short hair. So, go ahead and experiment with different varities of headbands. 

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