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7 Must-Have Handwoven Sarees In Your Wardrobe!

If you want to have the perfect ethnic wardrobe then here is a list of 7 must-have handwoven sarees.
Published -04 Apr 2020, 16:00 ISTUpdated -03 Apr 2020, 22:21 IST

The long six-yard strip of elegance, decorated with varied designs and even a little extra gold or silver stripe on the side is the preferred choice of apparel. For most women, a saree is more than just a piece of cloth. It's a souvenir from their mother's love and their shared heritage. Here is a beautiful collection of 7 saree varieties suggested by Mr Nishanth Mlahotra, Co-founder, WeaverStory and Designer Anuradha Ramam, that should adorn the wardrobe of every saree loving woman. 



Chanderi is lightweight, has a pure texture and is woven with an elaborate zari border. It has glossy transparency, a sheer fabric, so delicate in texture that it is a tribute to the spirit of the weavers who are the authors of this beautiful creation. Enhancing the beauty further are the motifs, which are an interlaced, handwoven, shape, consisting of gold, silver or copper coated threads. The Chanderi Saree can be worn as corporate wear, special occasions, marriages or social functions.


Ikat is a specific dyeing process in which the cloth is tied in bundles before dyeing. While the technique is used everywhere, Odisha Ikat still remains one of the finest ones there is. It makes an ideal wear for corporate wear or social functions.



The exotic Bandhani is a whole lot of light coloured dots arranging themselves into delicate patterns. Sensational offerings come from the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Summing out of a simple but extremely calculated process of tie & dye. Accuracy & appeal arise the way they knot before dyeing. The precision is in the placement of the knots and the colours that are chosen. The saree makes it ideal for special occasions or weddings.

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Weaverstory invites you to bask in the magnificence of the immemorial handcraft of Benarasi. The town of Kashi finds mention in Mahabharatha written in the 8th century BC, and was under the reign of many dynasties, culminating into a town with a renowned glory. Further, according to the legendary myth, the master weavers of Kashi are believed to be descendants of celebrated weavers brought by the Mughal Emperors around the 18th and 19th century. Featured here is a rich Benarasi sari in a festive pink and green colour. Along its rich green border is the famous floral motif that is a favourite Mughal inspired pattern. Contact us for further queries. #iwearhandloomsarees #weaverstory #weaverstorydelhi #weaverstorybanarasi

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Originated from the northern region of the country, Banarasi is a traditional weave which is made of silk with heavy Mughal influence. This saree is trendy in India for weddings and other occasions. The features of this saree are intricate floral designs and zari with several foliate motifs. Banarasi sarees are ideal for Weddings or special events.

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The process of making these hand-painted sarees involves 23 different steps and the magnificent art on these sarees tells the tales of the past. These sarees are ideal for Weddings or special celebrations because of their heavy work.

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Jamdani is a work of floral motifs done on the most beautiful muslin cloth. It is made on a handloom and sometimes it takes exceptionally long to make one piece. These sarees are ideal for Weddings or special celebrations because of their heavy work. Dhaka Jamdani, Tangail Jamdani, Shantipur Jamdani and Dhaiakhali Jamdani are various kinds available in the market.

Patan Patola 

The beautiful handwoven drapes from Gujarat are considered to be the perfect example of some beautiful weaving. Made from double ikat cloth, it can take up to 3-6 months for one saree. Flowers, pots, and fruits are the recurring motifs used. This saree may be heavy on design, but comfortable to wear that makes it desirable to be owned.


Originated from a small village called Baluchar in Murshidabad, West Bengal, the intricately designed sarees are steeped in tradition and heavily embroidered with stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. They are a perfect statement piece in your wardrobe for every occasion. These are most of the finest in handloom saree weaves that would make your wardrobe look like an assortment of collector’s items and a connoisseur’s choice of the finest.

A lovely mix of sarees that has the traditional moving towards trendy, extraordinary moving towards the exceptional, popular moving towards being celebrated!


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