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Going To Sarojini Nagar For Shopping? Here Are Some Tips

Are you planning a trip to the Delhi's most loved shopping place? Here are some tips.
Published -04 Oct 2021, 17:25 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 17:51 IST
Sarojini market shopping

Sarojini Nagar is every Delhi woman's shopping paradise. The market has been going on for years, with a maze of street stalls, shouting vendors, and meandering shoppers.

Delhi women can't get enough of it, and visitors to the city never leave without visiting Delhi's shopping hub.

This place is popular because of the lower pricing of a wide range of fashionable clothing. However, because of this, we shop in bulk and tend to make some mistakes. Continue reading this article for tips to prevent these blunders.

Take Cash 

Most stores won't be accepting card or UPI payment so carry a lot of cash along with you. For more comfort, take loose cash of 50, 100 and 200. You can find a few ATM's in the market, so get cash from there in case you forgot to do this before.

For Minor Defects Ask For Discount

Examine the item you're about to buy for signs of wear and tear. Always point out to the shopkeeper for any defect in it. No matter how minor or evident it is. It will help you obtain a lesser price for the item.

Carry An Inchi Tape

measurement tape

You won't be getting any trial rooms in most stores in Sarojini Market. So to get correct size clothes, take measurements of your size with the measuring tape before and while shopping, you can use it to check it on clothes available in the market.

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Stay Alert

Because the area is normally quite packed, pickpockets are a big possibility. So, you must stay vigilant. Keep your phone in your hand or zipped up in your bag at all times. Keep the bag secure as well. To keep your money, a sling bag is recommended instead of a wristlet, fanny pack, or wallet.

There is also a possibility that you may drop something important in all the hustle and bustle.

Don't Pay Much


The basic clothes don't cost more than Rs. 250. So if the shopkeeper tells you that the price is more than that, then bargain. The accessories do not cost more than Rs. 50 in the market, whereas most tops and bottoms can cost in the range of 100 to 250.

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Note The Shop Numbers

Because you won't be given a receipt for your purchases, ask the shopkeeper if you may return or exchange the item if it doesn't fit or loses its colour after washing. Most stores allow this so you must inquire. And remember to note the number of those shops.

Carry A Tote Bag

The plastic bags provided by the stores are thick and inconvenient, and they tear easily. So bring a large tote bag with you because you'll be bringing a lot of clothes.

Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Carry a water bottle because visiting so many stalls and haggling for bargains can be exhausting and can make you really tired. Staying hydrated will keep you energized.

Wash The Clothes Before Wearing

You must wash the clothes before wearing them since you have no idea how long they have been sitting in dust or how many people have touched them before you.

These tips will help you shop better!

Have fun shopping and we hope you'll get the best clothes at best bargains.

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