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    Here Are The Best Flea Markets In India For The Shopaholic In You!

    Can't wait to shop after the pandemic? You should consider shopping at these flea markets!
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    Updated at - 2021-07-14,08:00 IST
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    No matter how different we are, how different our choices are, or how different our personalities are, the one thing that is common among all of us is shopping! Whether you love to shop or not, you eventually have to shop in order to buy clothes, accessories and many more items! Now that we have established that shopping is an essential, let us tell you some of the best flea markets in India that you must take advantage of right after the pandemic is over! 

    Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi

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    Located in Delhi, Sarojini Nagar Market is not only famous in Delhi, but in all of India. It is known for its wide variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, you name it, they have it! Apart from their variety of products, this market is by far the best when it comes to bargaining. A top worth 500 can go down to as less as Rs. 100 just by bargaining for a bit. You will even get the first copies of some of the most famous brands for unbelievably cheap prices!

    Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

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    Image Credit: images.rove

    This market in Goa sees tourists from all over the world buying funky items! History has it that this market was originally started by hippie travelers to barter their items in the 1960s. Along with selling goods, one can also see shops in this market area which offer body piercing and hair colour services. This marketplace sets up every Wednesday at Anjuna Beach and creates its own vibe with the help of good music, lighting and a bustling crowd!

    Nehru Bazar, Jaipur

    When it comes to shopping in Jaipur, this is the first place that pops up in our mind! Ranging from the most colourful bangles to traditional handicrafts, decor items to beautiful pieces of jewellery, this marketplace presents the true colours of Rajasthan. Apart from the usual clothes and jewels, you will also find some of the most beautiful footwear and quilts in this market. 

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    New Market, Kolkata

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    Image Credit: img.itinari

    Don’t let the name fool you, New Market was established in 1874. This marketplace has over 1500 shops inside and is a shopaholic’s paradise. There is a section for western wear, ethnic, kids wear, footwear, accessories, gadgets, decor and what not! Bargain like you have never before and you can lay your hands on some of the most beautiful products at very low prices! Right outside, there is a line of street vendors offering the best street food in the city in case you get too tired after shopping! 

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    Laad Bazar, Hyderabad

    The most famous marketplace in Hyderabad if you want to buy bangles, Laad bazar is a hit tourist spot in the city. The history behind the market takes us back to ‘Ladli Begum’ who was the wife of Mir Mehboob Ali Khan, sixth Nizam of Hyderabad. Along with bangles, the market also offers a variety of sarees, embroidery works, stones and pearls. The price of the items here differs based on your bargaining skills. If you are looking for bridal shopping, you must visit this place! 

    We hope you have noted these down and are all set to break free post-pandemic and shop your heart out at these flea markets across India! For more such content, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!

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