Our hair is an important part of our look. Sometimes, it is what makes us stand out, in good or bad ways depending on what we have done with it. 

While combing hair is no big deal, the one thing that if done right will definitely work for you is putting on the perfect hair accessory! It has been trending for quite some time now! It is time you too move beyond your usual clutch and clips and learn what the different kinds of accessories are and what occasions you must wear them in! 

In this article, we are going to tell you what the different kinds of hair accessories are and which one goes best on which occasion! 

Hair Scarf/Bandana

This accessory is best for salty air and sun-kissed hair. We will spare you the riddle and tell you straight up that this accessory is a beach essential! Tie it around your forehead or on top of your head, either way, it is going to make you look like the coolest person at the beach! 

Hair Ornaments For Wedding

wedding hair accessory jewellery

Image Credit: cdn0.weddingwire 

When it comes to weddings and hair accessories, the one thing that everyone blindly opts for is a mangteeka. However, we do not want you to be one among the many! We recommend you to wear ornaments at the back of your hair, on your braids or bun. Make sure they are big, well attached to your hair and we assure you that you will be the most uniquely dressed person at the function! 

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Bun Ornament For Formal Meeting 

hair bun accessory for formal meeting

Image Credit: img2.ogaanindia

It is so boring to just wear a bun at every formal meeting. However, you cannot experiment too much with your hairstyle because it is a professional gathering(read more on hair fashion). For get-togethers like these, we suggest you invest in this kind of hair bun accessory which will take your usual hair bun a notch higher!

Cocktail party

cocktail party hair accessory

Image Credit: i.pinimg

Whether it is a cocktail party or any kind of a party where you are expected to dress fashionably we suggest you tie this kind of a band around your forehead. Be it the actress Zeenat Aman or Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi, this particular hair accessory is celeb-approved! We suggest you leave your hair open and make sure the accessory is thin and not too tacky.

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Baby Breaths

Enough of rose ladies, let us think big with these tiny flowers! These are perfect for a close-knit wedding ceremony(read more on weddings). While everyone will be boasting red, pink, yellow and all kinds of roses at different positions on their hair, we suggest you clip up baby breaths on your hair. You will look youthful, elegant, beautiful all at once!

We hope you found this article helpful and will be investing in these hair accessories for the above-mentioned occasions! If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi!