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Recreate Kriti Sanon's Cosmo Look Within Rs. 3000

Do you want to shine like Kriti Sanon too? Here is a simple outfit that you can recreate under a minimal budget to help you with your outings!
Published -05 Jun 2021, 14:00 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 17:39 IST
kriti sanon cosmo km

Kriti Sanon is one of the massively respected actresses in the industry. All bow down to her for her skills and talent and the fact that she is self-made. She Is not only a great actress but also a remarkable fashionista her simplicity and smartness in the way she carries herself and the kinds of outfits she chooses to wear. 

Recently Kriti also appeared on Cosmopolitan India’s cover and we fell in love with the effortless elegance and uber-chic vibe that her attire emitted. Moreover, what was special about the look was that it was designed using very easily available garments, that too within a budget of Rs.3000. Well, yes. You saw that right you can recreate Kriti Sanon’s Cosmo look within 3k. Read on for more.

Breaking Down The Look

The look as we said, is super simple to achieve. Kriti(how to do Kriti Sanon's hairstyles) is seen donning a straight style navy cotton pant that she has teamed up with a beige bodysuit featuring a box-type design and a stand collar. The sleeves of the shirt have been folded up to the arm and further styled the look with minimalism.

She did her makeup in neutral beige tones making the cheeks and rest of her face subtle but giving her eyes a proper black smokey look.  Apart from that, she has also done her hair in a thick curly style.

Recreating The Look

kriti sanon cosmo k

If you are a true fan of simplicity and want to recreate Kriti’s(Kriti is very possessive about sister) look for the summer season then here’s how you can buy the products.  We found a lot of similar outfit options on various fashion platforms in India which you take a look at.

kriti sanon cosmo k

The blue navy pant we found was found on the loom and was priced at Rs. 1450. Pairing up this look with a beige oversized skirt from Zara that is for Rs. 1499 on their online platform.

Now wear the shirt and the pant and tuck the shirt inside. Then dampen your hair a bit and fix rollers in them to make them curly.  Apply neutral makeup and try to give it a more natural look by applying a light pink lipstick, then define your eyes with a black shadow and liner, and your basic styling of the look is done.

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Customising Your Outfit

kriti sanon cosmo k

It is very important to customize your outfit, it seasons the looks to make them even more perfect and comfortable for you. So, to style this outfit start by going for a simple neck chain that you can buy with the leftover Rs. 50.  Then wear matching earrings(light) and add studs, hair accessories, and a bracelet/watch to go with it.

Finally, for the footwear, you have several options to choose from chunky sneakers, sandals, and flats and you can choose one as per your requirement. Moreover, you can add a thick waist belt and make your figure look more defined and well-shaped. And there you go you’re ready with Kriti’s look under 3k.

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