If you are hunting for ways to look more presentable for your social or professional life but don't know how to go about it since there is so much out there on the net to confuse you, these tips will come in handy. This guide covers everything you need or may want to work on so make some hibiscus tea for yourself and sit all relaxed, scroll down. 



First and foremost is your face, your skin that people see first. Not just people, you yourself see in the morning in the mirror. If you are not confident about your skin, no matter what you do with the rest of your body, it is useless. So begin with understanding your skin type and then buy the right skincare products. Invest in good quality products that have good reviews. If spending a lot of money is not an option then make your own! There are so many home remedies and DIY skincare recipes. But whatever it is, never forget the CTM routine.

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Salon Trips

People don't understand initially but they certainly regret after a certain age. Monthly salon trips for your hair and skin are very important. Get yourself pampered once a month, where you come out all well-groomed and polished. 


Stop smearing a lot of makeup on your face as that not only ruins your skin but makes you look cheap and too plastic as well. Go minimum when it comes to the layers of makeup. Get a light compact powder which has sheer coverage, wear some kajal or eyeliner and a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm. You look neat and crisp.



No matter the length unhealthy dry and dead hair is the last thing you need. Make sure to opt for a haircut according to your face shape. A good haircut can transform your personality completely. Do not forget regular hair trimming sessions to eliminate split ends and other hair woes.

Body Odour

body odour

This one is a strictly must follow tip as no one, I repeat, no one can tolerate bad body odour around you. A bad smell repels people! Use an antiperspirant to combat excessive sweat and spray a good perfume on these areas to make it last longer



Keep those nails short and tidy. Groom your toenails and fingernails and buff them once a week to make them look healthy. Keep them clean and trim the cuticles that are coming out. Keep a hand cream handy and keep hydrating your hands whenever you feel they are becoming too dry. 

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Not too tight and neither too loose, well-fitted clothes are important and reflect your personality. Take your time and spend on clothes which go with your body type and suit your personality. 

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Tone your body and loose excessive flab by working out daily. When you are fit, the confidence level goes up immediately. Figure out a routine for yourself based on your lifestyle.


Shoes can make or break your entire look. When it doubt, wear wedges or high heel as they go with most outfits. You can even invest in flat sandals and shoes, whatever you are comfortable in but buy a good pair. 

Dental Hygiene

It is a major turn off when you have a bad breath no matter you are a man or a woman. Floss before bedtime, brush twice a day and visit the dentist twice a year.

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