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    5 Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting A Salon During Covid

    Want to go to the salon for a haircut? Here are some important tips and mistakes you must avoid amid coronavirus.
    Updated at - 2020-07-31,10:41 IST
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    After months and months of waiting and trying out DIYs at home, the salons have finally opened their doors and our excitement is skyrocketing. Our favorite grooming services are now available and we can pamper ourselves yet again. But there's yet another big menace, while the lockdown might be over, the pandemic is not! The danger of infection still looms large and it is imperative that you protect yourself whenever stepping out! While the salons have braced

    themselves in a safety net, Danish Batra, Managing Director of Hair Masters talks about the five things you should keep in mind and be wary of to avoid any chance of mistakes!

    Wear a mask and protective gear

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    Make sure to wear a mask at all times whenever you step out of the house. A good three-layer mask minimises the maximum proportion of contracting the virus. Make sure your nose and mouth are covered properly before you make that move. If you are going for eyebrows or a hair cut or any hair spa or treatment, avoid removing your mask. Make sure that the one attending you is wearing a mask too and protective gear including gloves. Although most salons have ensured that every one of their staff members is fully equipped to provide a safe service, it is, however, your responsibility towards your own health to ensure the same.

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    Take a prior appointment


    Taking a prior appointment with the salons have become more necessary than ever! Not only will you save time by not waiting around for your turn, but you will also avoid coming in any unwanted contact with other customers. 

    Rethink & Be Sure about the salon you are visiting

    Since salon services are very up close and personal, it is important that you rethink about the salon you are visiting. Make sure that they are following all the prescribed norms by the government. Not only the staff should be well trained and routinely checked, but the salon premises also play a major role. Sanitising tunnels else touch-free hand sanitisers at every entrance and public spaces should be mandatory. All textiles should be disposable including towels, cutting sheets, shoe covers et all. Also, salons should ideally install acrylic screens at the front desk and between two styling stations to ensure maximum protection. 

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    Avoid Visiting Salon if you have Symptoms, even the mild ones

    Most Salons are taking health and safety matters very seriously, but customers too need to play a key role in creating awareness and stopping the spread of viruses. Hence, before heading out for your hair or grooming services, make sure to review the salon's guidelines and show up with a face mask and clean sanitised hands.

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    Don’t show up with a guest while visiting a salon

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    Since hair salon is a social place, people occasionally bring a friend along for moral support if they’re making a major look change. But with the new social distancing rules announced by the government, your plus one has to stay at home or the very least wait at the car. And make sure you change into a fresh pair of clothes when you are done with your salon experience. And after reaching home take a warm soapy bath and don't do any household chores without bathing. You may not be exposed to the virus while you are in the salon but there is a chance of infection while you are commuting.

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