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These Fragrance Hacks Will Make You Smell Divine All The Time

We all want our perfumes to last longer, don't we? Here are some great perfume hacks which you can even utilise this Valentine's Day, that work well a...
Published -12 Feb 2019, 12:00 ISTUpdated -12 Feb 2019, 12:38 IST
  • Kishori Sud
  • Editorial
  • Published -12 Feb 2019, 12:00 ISTUpdated -12 Feb 2019, 12:38 IST
fragrance hacks

Want your fragrance to last longer? Want to smell good all the time? Then follow these tried and tested tips starting today!

Keep Your Bottles Away From Moisture

bottles away from moisture

Image Courtesy: i.pinimg.com

You want your fragrance to last longer, have a longer shelf life right? Then quit storing your bottles in damp places or too warm places. Keep it away from extreme temperatures. Heat, light, and humidity breaks down the perfume molecular system and diminishes the quality of the fragrance. Store them in cool, dry spots and away from direct sunlight at all cost. 

Vaseline Is Your Best Friend

petroleum jelly fragrance hacks

Image courtesy: i.ytimg.com

Rub this amazing and affordable product on your pulse points before spraying. This will make the scent last longer. This trick helps hold the fragrance on the skin for a longer duration, works like a charm on any skin type. 

No Dabbing

Refrain from dabbing the perfume on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, the top notes of your fragrance will disappear.

Pulse Points Please

Spray on your pulse points and warm areas on your body as this will make the fragrance last longer. The warm areas help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. 

Spray & Walk Through

For a lighter scent, spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into the mist. The spray will distribute evenly across your body and leave you with a hint of fragrance for occasions when you don't want to smell as strong. 

Moisturise Before

moisturise before fragrance hack

Right when you get out of your bath, apply an unscented lotion on your semi-damp skin to lock in the moisture. Then spray your favourite fragrance, this will lock in the fragrance as well. If you spray on your skin and not your clothes, your delicate clothes are saved from staining as well. 

Spray On Hair

Spray your fragrance on your hair but not directly. Alcohol-based fragrances if sprayed directly on the hair it dries up your mane. Therefore, spray it on your hairbrush to make it last. You could also invest in hair fragrances which makes that mane smell better between washes.

Don't Waste Your Perfume

Utilise the last bit of your fragrance by pouring it into your unscented lotion or simply put the bottle between your clothes. 


Create your own scent by layering fragrances. Take different oils and perfumes, layer them. Once they complement each other, try them and spray the stronger scent first and then top it with the lighter fragrance so that the first fragrance doesn't overpower the second. 

Sampling The Fragrance

To sample the true scent of the fragrance wait until it has dried on your skin before smelling it. The first dash of fragrance that you are able to scent is the top note which disappears in a while.

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Pillow Spray

Take a nice, calming fragrance and spray it on your pillow. You will sleep better and eventually your hair will have a nice smell to it. 

Touching Up Your Scent

Take a few cotton swabs and spray your fragrance on them, store them in a plastic bag and keep it in your bag. You can touch upon your fragrance throughout the day. It is better than carrying the entire glass bottle. Or simply invest in a small, travel size bottle.  

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Make Towels Smell Amazing

Put tissue papers in your drawers and in between towels etc and spray your fragrance on them. Your linen will smell amazing like a permanent smell!  

Using Scented Soap Differently

Wrap a scented soap bar in a thin layer of tissue paper and then tuck it in corners or in between your clothes, that too will leave a light, fresh scent. 

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