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    Ways To Style A Peplum Top

    Looking to style your peplum top in different ways? Look no more mate!
    Published -18 Nov 2021, 14:15 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 14:24 IST
    how to style peplum tops

    Peplum tops are basically tops that make us feel like a real-life ballerina, don’t they? We tend to look super cute and girly in them while they might just be the cutest bit of clothing we own today. 

    Styling a peplum top may be tough and hard to think of. Here are 5 ways you can style the peplum your way, with all the clothes you have at home currently! 

    Dhoti Pants

    Dhoti pants are something most of us have in the back of our closets for all those festivals we love and celebrate with joy. 

    Take one of them out and pair it with a peplum, and see the magic. 

    You will be shining. You can pair the rest of the attire with junk jewelry and make it super funky and trendy. Add along denim ripped jacket for that extra chic girl! 

    Pencil Skirt

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    For all the office-going girls out there, this is a great way to style the casual peplum you think is just not going to be used. Take it out and pair it with your pencil skirt. 

    You can carry a handbag along with some pumps to add the drama. 

    To still be over the top in fashion, you can add a scarf to your neck or the handle of your bag. 

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    Sandals and Shorts

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    Have to decide what to wear on a casual outing with friends? Here’s what to pair with a peplum! 

    Take out your brown sandals, the beach vibes one, and a matching handbag. To add to it, you can pick up some round-framed sunglasses. 

    Now that the accessories are done, you should know what’s next. 

    The peplum top and a pair of denim shorts! It’s a casual outing and you can add a hat to your outfit too. There’s so much to do with a casual outfit here, gosh!


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    For a formal office meeting, you can add a peplum top to your pair of trousers and run a whole meeting! 

    Let the peplum top give you the curve lines you have and own the body throughout. 

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    Ripped Denim

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    Ripped denim is totally a trend till today, why not give it a go? Pair your peplum with ripped jeans and add a denim jacket on top. Denim on denim is never a bad idea. You can add junk jewelry and a pair of pumps to the look if you and your girls are in for a party! 

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