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    5 Ways To Style Your Dhoti Pant

    Wondering what to wear with your dhoti pants? Look no more!
    Published -10 Nov 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 14:25 IST
    how to style dhoti pants

    Fashion is a huge part of our daily essential items and we invest a lot of time in what we wear. With many coming and going trends, dhoti pants are something that falls somewhere between formal and informal wear. Here are 5 ways you can customize your dhoti pants in different and unique styles! 

    With A Top 

    Throw in a peplum top with a contrasting shade to what your dhoti pants normally are. Peplum tops go best with a skinny fit jean type but also look significantly different with dhoti pants. 

    You can add pieces of junk jewellery to your neck, earlobes and wrist to make it funkier and trendy in appearance. 

    With A Suit 

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    A dhoti pant can also be worn with a suit on top to give your salwar a break from the stereotype. 

    We are always looking for something new and innovative to add to our suits, so why not dhoti pants? 

    Carry a chunni with the suit and add up some nice hairdo to ace the look. 

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    With A Cape Top 

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    Cape tops are a forever trending design in the fashion world. There are multiple ways you can go about it. 

    Adding a cape automatically adds drama to your outfit and personality. Who doesn’t love drama? Well, we at HerZindagi do! 

    Let the cape flare away and make an entrance as you sweep people off the floor with that look!

    With A Crop Top 

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    A crop top and a dhoti pant pair have been a favourite for most of your girls, isn't it? We spot many youngsters wearing it out on the streets. 

    It’s pretty easy to carry as well as chic. Junk jewellery makes the look pop, while vibrant colours throw youth into the attire. 

    You can always add in a denim jacket if it makes your outfit blast from the roof and a messy bun to add to it. 

    You can wear a crop top and a dhoti pants for when you are out on a casual lunch with your girls or your loved ones too!

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    As A Saree

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    A saree is something we all love to wear. Wearing a saree is surely a tedious task, but how can we make it easy? 

    Add dhoti pants to your outfit! Simple yet effective! The pants already have the desired fall and it’s easier to tuck a piece of cloth into the pants than a whole lot of cloth in exchange. 

    A dhoti pant, no doubt, looks gorgeous when worn as a saree. You can go for a sleek bun with danglers as gorgeous as you! 

    How are you planning to style your dhoti pants? Let us know on our official Instagram and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more trends!

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