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    Shoes You Can Kick Off Your Casual Look With

    Kick start your outings with the perfect footwear for every casual look!
    Published -15 Nov 2021, 14:00 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 14:31 IST
    what to wear with casuals

    Planning to head out for a casual affair with friends this lunch? Looking for what footwear to match your look? Want to look trendy but still be comfortable? Something that goes for everything? 

    We have so many questions about when we have to leave the house for a date with our friends or our loved ones. Getting ready is usually the most fun part of it all for a significant amount of us. 

    Caught up between several decisions to make and not the perfect advice to go by? Here are footwear types you can go for if you’re going for a casual outing!


    Sneakers basically are sports shoes and fit every look. They generally make everything look comfortable and homely! 

    A white sneaker is a basic essential for today’s youth, isn’t it? 

    You can pair up the white pair of sneakers with almost anything and everything. We spot people wearing it to work with formal outfits too! It’s definitely all about the looks!


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    When we speak of comfort, it’ll always ring a bell for Crocs! 

    Crocs are something we have always associated with comfort and home. They are easier to slide into and have a protective layer to help our feet from losing the slipper, which as a plus, is customizable. 

    New customization options are available just as adding charms and initials to your slippers and shoes. Crocs allow you to do the same. Therefore, you can always customize your footwear every time you step out!

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    Earth Shoes

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    These types of shoes have become increasingly popular due to sustainability and the environmental crisis that has hit most of us to make better choices in life. 

    Earth shoes are generally made out of material that can be recycled and reused thus creating less pollution and side effects to the environment. 

    Their natural colours are also a plus for them to be picked up at the store. The shades are usually brown, green, and dark green, which give it the effect of camouflage and have a distinctive likeness for us. 

    Slide Ins 

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    Slide-ins have taken the trendsetter spot in the footwear industry. We all love a slip-on, don’t we?

    It’s one pair of footwear we all love and have had for years, but not most of us have worn it outside our homes thinking it was too casual for the world to see. 

    Well, no more. Everybody is loving slip-ons/ slide-ins and are killing the look! 

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    Ballerina footwear has been a favourite for decades! 

    It is one of the cutest and girliest shoes you can ever find! We can never have enough of those! You can easily slip into ballerinas for a casual outing and still rock the look. 

    How are you going to kick start your next casual outing? Let us know on our official Instagram account and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more! 

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