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Sock It Up! The Trend That's Going All Viral

 Mismatched socks are the guilty pleasure of many today, here’s why!
Published -04 Oct 2021, 18:05 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 18:18 IST
sock pairs

Socks are a daily item for every single person on this planet. Coming in all shapes and sizes, there is a huge variety available in the market for just about everybody. 


From black to white, blue to pink, every single shade, tone, texture, even cloth material has a sock pair. Crazy prints have taken over the sock pairs and have become incredibly popular. 

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The first knitted items were invented in Jutland, dated 1500 BC. The earliest sock-like knitted items were found in Egyptian graves in Antinoopolis dated around 500 AD. 

mismatched socks

For the longest time, socks were only a privilege to the elite sector of the society as it was a secret manufacturing. At first, the foot stocking and the pants were introduced as a one piece item, but as the stockings would oftenly turn dirty quicker, the stockings and pants were separated, thus creating socks as a separate clothing material in itself. (Read about some viral covid weddings here too)

Present Day Sock 

Over the years, the sock has taken numerous shapes, sizes, colours and textures, there’s still so much more creativity left in people to come. With each day passing, people bring new and bright ideas on the internet, while only the worthwhile ones go viral and make it to the end. 

sock mis

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The Trend: Mismatched Socks

There is no certain origin but all we know is that nobody has the time to find the 2 similar socks of a pair. Not being able to find the similar socks probably lead to mismatched socks trend invention. 

Everybody is so busy in life that they no longer put an effort to find a pair or make a cup of coffee. We tend to choose to pick up the money and rush out of the house. 

sock sock

The exact same way, we choose to pick different socks in a hurry without realising before we head to work and somebody else is pointing it out to us. Surprisingly, nobody found it weird enough to be grossed out. 

Everybody thought it was cool. For instance, a donut sock paired with an ice cream sock, seemed super cool to everyone around. Everybody started experimenting and it’s still going on. (Some bizzare beauty trends you should know about)

The unique thing about this trend is that everybody is always wearing something new and weird which is considered ‘cool’ in today’s generation. 

pair of sock

Today’s youth is always up to experimentation and innovation. There is always something new on the internet every single day. All the weird but satisfying habits of people are generally picked up by everyone and turn into trends which then are followed by millions. 

Walking on the road, you’ll probably catch many people wearing different sock pairs and be surprised. 

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Wearing weird sock pairs is one of our guilty pleasures, what’re yours? 

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