The past year has brought several changes in the world. From our way of living to our vacations, everything has changed but the thing that has remained the same is our love for food. Although food is the same for us but food trends keep changing every year. Chef Eshaan Nagpal said, “Adaptation and advancements are a very important part of improving our food.  Therefore, we should always keep up with the current food trends.”

So, here we bring you some of the popular food trends of 2021.

Contemporary Indian Food

Contemporary Indian food is basically a perfect blend of Indian flavours with a western presentation. This trend is nothing less than art where the soul of the food is Indian and the presentation is modern. Although cross-cultural mashups don’t always work well but with the right mind and idea, you can do wonders and create a perfect dish. Chef Eshaan Nagpal said, “A plate is like a canvas and we chefs are the artists, therefore, we should use our creativity to adapt to change and cater to the taste of our guests.”

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Vocal For Local

With the changing and fast-moving times, we are also forgetting some of our Indian delicacies such as gahat ki daal, kalmi saag, etc. We must have heard many of these things from our grandmothers but haven’t tried them. However, such forgotten recipes and ingredients are being brought back by several chefs because of their delicious taste and numerous health benefits. Apart from offering us yummy flavours, these local recipes also help us to stay attached to our roots.

Vegan Meat

vegan food trends

If you are planning to go vegetarian but can’t let go of the non-vegetarian food cravings, then vegan (tips for vegan people) meat is the solution to your problems. This new trend is here to curb all your non-vegetarian cravings with the same texture and flavours. These meat substitutes are getting popular as they are providing you with the same taste in a cruelty-free manner as well as ensuring that you get all the nutrients.

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Cooking Machines

Cooking machines are the new rage in the food industry. With the changing times, technology is getting advanced and new inventions are being made by different people. One such invention is the cooking machine. These machines do not need to be operated manually. Instead, you just need to put all the ingredients in the machine and the end result will be in front of you. However, these take more time than a chef as well as flavours can’t be compared to a dish made manually as a chef puts his/her soul into the dish which machines can’t do. 

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Molecular Gastronomy

molecular food trends

Molecular gastronomy is the art of cooking from the perspective of science. This basically consists of putting together different elements of food to create an existing dish with a molecular twist. The idea is to create such a dish which a person might have eaten earlier but when you present the dish by inculcating this new trend (food trends of 2020), then the guests should feel that he/she is eating a new dish.

These food trends are getting popular with each passing day and it's time that you also try all of these. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!