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  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial

Learn How To Rock Maximalist Fashion Trend

From loud prints to bright colours, learn about the ‘more is more’ philosophy from the cast of Emily in Paris.
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial
Published -15 Feb 2022, 12:04 ISTUpdated -15 Feb 2022, 12:26 IST
maximalist fashion tips and tricks main

It is time to leave the old and embrace the bold! Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what this is about.

After several years of fashion designers and artists following a minimalist approach in their designs, the last few months have observed a sharp rise in the bright, OTT, and funky designs which are known as ‘maximalism’.

While your classic clothing items like straight-leg blue denim or a classic white shirt are evergreen. But in this season, trends are calling you out to step outside of your comfort zone as the wave of maximalism is going to hit the fashion scene with a bang.

If you are wondering that what exactly is maximalism, then read on!

What Is Maximalist Fashion?

As we have said that maximalism has been making a resurgence. But what exactly is this phenomenon?

Basically, maximalism is the antithesis of minimalism. It isn’t a new fashion concept. This concept was popularized in the 1960s and now is making a comeback after several years of minimalism.

Its philosophy revolves around the statement “more is more” or “the aesthetic of excess.”

In simple terms, maximalist style is all about loud prints, bright and bold colours, adding extra funky layers or embellishments. It not only depends on the colours and prints but also on the texture of the clothes - be it ruffles, long trails, you name it!

If you want to throw minimalism out of the window (and your closet!), and follow uncompromising and hearty fashion, then what better than learning from the Emily In Paris cast, right? 

The Netflix series "Emily in Paris" has taken its fashion game very seriously and hence, it is on-point and screams maximalism. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take inspiration from Emily (played by Lily Collins) and recreate her cheerful looks. After all, you have every right to make the most of every colour and design.

Leave A Trail

red tulle dress emily in paris

Image Courtesy: insider.com

We are going to start from the best outfit Lily Collins' titular character Emily has worn in the season’s finale episode. When it comes to the concept of maximalism, bigger is always better. And Emily is adhering to that code.

She is seen wearing a bright red tulle over-the-top dress by Giambattista Valli x H&M collaboration that featured a plunging neckline, statement sleeves, and a voluminous silhouette. 

The simple heart necklace and shoes with minor bow detailing complement the ensemble well. And remember, balancing the look is the key to maximalism, take cue from Emily as she has completed the look with a neat hairdo and bold lips.

Mix Patterns

mix pattern dress maximalist fashion

Image Courtesy: Emily In Paris/Instagram

One of the most important rules of dressing in a maximalist style is to mix patterns and prints! 

And specifically, this patterned dress donned by Emily encapsulates her maximalist style. This Dolce & Gabbana patchwork dress features various patterns be it floral, polka dots, or animal print. She finished the look with a maximalist Louboutin bag and a bucket hat.

Mixing different patterns may seem intimidating at first, but you can start with pairing a clothing item with a small patterned print against a piece with a larger and more eye-catching print. Your ensemble will surely look super put together and artsy by following this trick.

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Go Big Or Go Home!

big bow bodycon dress maximalist fashion

Image Courtesy: insider.com

If you are a fan of both pink colour and bows, then you should definitely recreate this outfit. 

In Season 2 of the series, for her classy, outdoor, French-style birthday dinner, Emily opted for a strapless black bodycon dress that features an oversized pink bow in the front. This look took our heart!

Further, in the later scenes, she was seen wearing a gorgeous vibrant green Rianna + Nina-designed kimono to cover her shoulders.

Taking the style quotient up a notch, she decided to go for bold red lips, a sleek ponytail, and beautiful diamond and pearl earrings.

Don’t fret! This styling is actually fairly simple to pull off. All you have to think is of a statement piece. You can dress big by bringing in puffed sleeves, voluminous tops, statement accessories, to your closets. 

Go All Out With Bold Colours And Patterns

candy colour outfir maximalist fashion

Image Courtesy: Emily In Paris/Instagram

In this look, Emily seems to be defying the fashion rule of four colours and truly emerging as a fashionista.

She has experimented with multiple patterns and colours while going for a neon checkered tank top, a multi-coloured skirt, and a bold yellow blazer. 

Bright and bold colours have an instant ability to change everyone’s mood and energy. And Emily is proving that point here by looking bright as a day.

To finish off the look, she has also added a small Dolce & Gabbana crossbody bag and lavender knee-high boots. We are actually crushing on those boots!

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Bring Your A-Game In Layering

vibrant green layering outfit emily in paris

Image Courtesy: Emily In Paris/Instagram

When going bold with your outfit, using layers can prove to be a simple way to add character to your whole look.

Emily is drenched in patterns splashed with colours like greens, blues, and reds, separating her from her more neutrally-dressed French coworkers. But she has managed to slay with a put-together look by using green colour as a through-thread in an otherwise busy outfit.

She is wearing a striped multi-coloured sweater and a cute skirt with a bold green belt, and strappy multi-coloured heels. She then layered the outfit with a vibrant green coat. 

To achieve this look, you can also think about combining clothing items with different structures, sizes, textures, and lengths to add more depth to your look.

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Which of these looks are you going to recreate? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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