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Pearl Accessories For An Effortless Chic Look

Want some exquisite accessories to level up your styling game? Try these smart pearl accessories once. 
  • Shivanshi Tomer
  • Editorial
Published -14 Aug 2020, 10:11 ISTUpdated -14 Aug 2020, 14:01 IST
Pearl accessories main

Pearls, a timeless and matchless accessory, belongs to a totally different category, as compared to other add-ons. Its beauty and elegance has placed it on a high pedestal, which is there to stay for a long time. These white coloured round beads are widely praised for their elegant and aesthetic appearance. From beaded strings to embedded bags, there are several pearl accessories, available at your disposal. You need to be smart enough to use them in such a way that it looks chic, yet graceful. Here are some styling options you can try, in order to amp up your style game. 

Hair Pins

Pearl accessories

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

When pinned up correctly, hair pins can be easily donned by women of all ages. Just pick up a pearl studded hair pin and lightly secure it on one side of your head. The first thing about using pearl accessories, is to keep in mind, to never go overboard with them. Ditch your usual tic-tacs click and try these modish pins once. 

Pearl Belts

Pearl belts look the best with solid colour outfits, as they can add a bit of contrasting element to them. Go for a full-length studded belt, if you are wearing dark shades like black, navy blue and maroon. If a whole length studded belt is too much for you, then you can opt for other design options as well. Belts with pearls on the buckle or pearls on the border, could be some other design variants. 

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Single String Neck Piece

Pearl accessories

The beauty of pearls actually lie in minimalism. When pairing pearls with your outfit, you can opt for a classic single string neck piece. This sophisticated piece of accessory will look absolutely flattering and can be worn with both, Western or Indian wear


Be it a single pearl bracelet or fully studded handcuff, pearls effortlessly add to the dignified look of your outfit. They usually look the best on a gold or silver polished base, which makes them shine more. 

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Drop Earrings 

Pearl accessories

Symmetrical pearl beads studded on golden earrings are a delight to wear. Be it any shape or size, pearls look equally pretty as earrings. You can go for drop earrings, which will not only level up your look but also make your face look slimmer. 

Hair Ties 

Give your usual scrunchies and spiral hair ties a break and try pearl hair tie, for a change. Pearls, when worn as hair accessories, not only look classy but also give you a unique touch of elegance. You can make a low pony, braid and even a bun with the pearl ties and they will look equally artistic in all hairdos. 

Studded Bags 

Pearl accessories

Image Courtesy: Pinterest (bootymust.com)

If you are a handbag fan, then this accessory is perfect for you. The beauty of this studded pearl handbag need not be explained. When donned with an outfit, this accessory can instantly give you a rich and royal look. 

Neck Chokers 

Chokers became a fashion statement a long time back and are still liked by a number of people. Their power to single-handedly amp up the whole look is what makes them everyone’s favourite. If chokers are your go-to accessory, then you must try a layered choker band. It will beautifully wrap around your neck and will give you a chic, yet voguish feel. 

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Pick any of the above given accessories and style your outfit in a unique way the next time you dress up. 

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