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Obsessed With Makeup? Here Are 5 Web Series You Need To Watch For Inspiration

Looking for some makeup inspo? Here are some web series you can watch over the weekend or maybe the month? 
web series for makeup inspiration

Do you love makeup as much as we do? Well, we at HerZindagi have been obsessing over this curated list of web series. 

One fine day, we all sat down looking for makeup inspirations while some of the web series struck our minds. Yes, that is exactly how we picked out our list of web series that totally give out the perfect inspiration for a makeup look without much reference. 

You’ll find web series that will have you engrossed throughout while giving you all the glam with the drama. 

Emily In Paris 

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Streaming on Netflix with 2 seasons on board, Emily In Paris has the perfect blend of fashion and beauty we all have been desperately looking for. 

Emily coming from Boston to Paris was everything we could ever ask for. With Emily, we can see all of Paris while her wardrobe just keeps getting bigger and better with time. 

With 2 seasons on board, Netflix announced 2 more seasons in the series and we just couldn’t be happier. There’s going to be a lot more drama, clothes, and beauty. 

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Glow Up 

A reality show based on how good your makeup skills are? Well, Netflix definitely got us there! 

Glow Up, a reality show based on 10 people from across Britain, battling out with one another using their makeup skills to win a title. 

This show definitely gave us some major makeup inspirational looks and to be honest, we ourselves have tried something looking at our television screens at home. 

With 3 seasons out in the world, we are waiting for more to surround us with as they have leashed out some exceptional talent to the universe of beauty! 


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Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Euphoria totally has us with their season 2. Everything about this web series is absolutely insane. 

This web series can be called dark while it surely has a bright side too. We spot a lot of instances where you can catch a glimpse of the characters and notice the beautiful artistry of makeup! 

One of our all-time favourites, Zendaya has truly won many hearts with this series!

Gossip Girl

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Girl, you gotta watch this! This is like sipping on a margarita at a beach. 

As an audience, we all can relate to Blair Waldorf and Sareena Woods while others can relate to Chuck Bass and Dan Humphery. 

This is one of those series we thank god we exist. This is pure bible like Mean Girls for many of us out there. With as many characters as possible, this is a must-watch. 

With finding beauty or fashion inspiration, you can totally rely on a season full of episodes to help you fill your wardrobe for, let’s say, a season!

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Who doesn’t love high school drama? We don’t know about you, but we surely love to watch some! Riverdale has been the perfect web series to help us relive our school days. 

With a wide variety of characters in the series, it is pretty obvious we see a mix and match of different cultures. Speaking of different cultures and vibes, there is an addition to that. We see a variety of combinations when it comes to clothes. 

This series is the perfect place for high school-going and college-going youth to find their inspiration before stepping into a new place. This series can definitely help in giving you a makeover of your own! 

Where do you find your makeup inspiration from? Connect with us over Instagram and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!


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