In the world of fashion, trends are ever-changing. Amidst this briskly evolving fashion scenario, most outfits easily slip in and out of fashion. The one attire that has refused to lose its charm since time immemorial is the saree. 

The only attire which has remained timeless in the unpredictability of the fashion arena is this twelve yards of drape. Saree is an ensemble that literally melts each and every heart. There is a plenitude of reasons why women are totally gaga over this exquisite piece of clothing and the prime reason would be its remarkable versatility. 

From boho to party-ready and from classy to sultry, sarees are well suited for each and every occasion. It is rightly said that saree is a timeless fashion that refuses to retire. This is exactly why the millennials and the Gen Z women are making more and more space for this elegant drape in their wardrobes. 

Now, as a fashion/style novice, you might think donning a saree on every special occasion could look uber monotonous. Well, here we are, to debunk this myth. Yes! You can wear a saree for every occasion and create a myriad of fresh looks with these five saree draping styles. 

Pant Style

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No one does it like Taapsee Pannu when it comes to acing the saree looks. One can certainly take some style inspiration from this diva as she can transform a mundane attire into a runway outfit with her very own quirky twist. Here she draped the concept saree around wide-legged pants and paired it up with a full-sleeved organza blouse. 

Creating a colour contrast effect and having draped it more like a half saree, the actress looked nothing less than stunning. The actress believes in doing things differently and it translates in her style as well. She chose to round up the look with statement silver earrings. If you step out clad in this fresh saree draping style, it is sure to get all eyes set on you. 

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Cape Drape 

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Alert all the ladies, cape sarees are a major fashion trend this season. When it comes to cape sarees, you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look. A cape saree screams elegance and glamour at the same time. You can have all the glares set on you in no time if you get all dressed up in this unique way. To flaunt your sophisticated fashion sense in front of your friends and family, you can totally choose this out-of-the-ordinary saree draping style. 

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Mermaid Style

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Apart from being known as a fitness enthusiast, Shilpa Shetty is also known for her impeccable fashion sense. She is extremely experimental when it comes to her fashion choices. Here the actress chose to pull off the mermaid-style drape. This style of saree draping is perfect for all the women out there who want to flaunt their shapely waists. This is a perfect party drap if you have an upcoming party to attend where you wish to look extremely impressive. Trust us, this drape has got you covered for such sophisticated events. 

Sarees are and will remain a timeless piece of clothing. Generation after generation, women have embraced its magnificence with open arms. The beautiful part is it has evolved and modernized with the changing fashion needs of the newer generations. These unique draping styles sure add much allure to this classic piece of clothing.

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