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Celebrity Guide On Acing A Monochromatic Look!

Are you finding it difficult to put together a single coloured outfit? These Bollywood divas' style tips will help you get it just about right! 
Published -09 May 2022, 15:31 ISTUpdated -09 May 2022, 15:48 IST
how to wear one colour outfit

A matching outfit brings your confidence together while making you feel more amazing than ever. Give yourself a boost and style yours with the best of Bollywood style tips for a monochromatic look! 

Add A Touch Of Pop Colour 

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With a monochromatic look, you could essentially be stuck with trying to pick the same colour. While picking on a pantsuit, you may end up feeling a little bored with your outfit. To spice things up, you can add a colour of pop like neon green or yellow. This will add emphasis and colour blocking to your look. 

With adding an element like this, you should keep your accessorizing in mind, as fashion rules suggest how you should pair your accessories, footwear and handbag with the same colour. This rule ensures symmetry and fashion statement! 

Add A Belt 

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Belts are not just making your bottoms fit. They also enhance your look, giving you a stylish vibe!

With a monochromatic look, you should throw in a belt. A thinner belt will give you an illusion of being slimmer while a wide one would widen your look. 

Belts too can either be of the same colour or hint at a different colour of pop. If choosing a different colour for your belt, make sure your accessories align with the same, not leaving it to look out of style. 

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Pair Your Heels To Your Outfit 

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What do you find better for your feet? A pair of heels or a pair of sneakers? 

If you ask us, either of the two makes a good choice for your footwear, deciding on one happens to leave the event as the main concern. You can go for a night out in heels or casual sneakers but would prefer only a pair of pumps if it is an office party. 

With a monochromatic look, you need to match your entire look. As one shade gives you symmetry, you need to wear 1 shade all over. 

If you do not wish to do so, you can also bring colour blocking to your look. Try matching your handbag, accessories and heels to the same colour. Make sure the colour you pick is complementing your outfit. 

Ideal Makeup For Your Monochromatic Look 

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Makeup is what brings your outfit together. Finding the right makeup is, therefore, the vital step in the entire process of getting ready. How you pick your makeup look is a personal decision, depending on your skin type, skin colour and time of the event. 

With a monochromatic look, you should go for a sleek back hairstyle, as the outfit is meant to grab all the attention, not your hair. Give your hair the rest it needs for night, putting the hair together in a high ponytail or a hair-sprayed look to give you the wet-hair effect! 

Try going for a similar colour as it is on your outfit. It will give you symmetry and bring a sense of confidence. The eyes bring in a lot of stares, at you and your outfit. Black or brown smokey eyes are the best eye look for a monochromatic look, without a doubt! 

When choosing a lip colour, it is important to determine if your outfit is bold or subtle. With a subtle outfit, it is best to choose a bold lip colour, while with a bold outfit, opt for a subtle lip shade. You should ideally not go for bold-bold. It will help break your outfit and make your neck look longer. 

Rather than going for a flush of blush, go for a bronzed look. It will give your face the sharpness it needs. You can bring your double chin to camouflage with makeup too! 

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Play With Shades 

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Going for a monochromatic look, it is not always necessary for you to stick to one colour. While one colour can surely dominate the look, you can find yourself pairing the outfit with colours that lie in the same shade.

 For instance, looking at Priyanka Chopra, we spot the dark brown making a huge impact, but there is a hint of light brown that too gives a shift of emphasis, making it a good stare for the audience, admiring their favourite celebs and their outfit styles. 

You can try the same technique with any colour of your choice, but make sure it is in the same colour shade range. 

How are you planning to play with your monochromatic look for this night out? Connect with us over our official Instagram account and drop us a comment. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks revolving around Bollywood fashion! 

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