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Give Your Handbag Collection A Boost With Inspiration From Nita Ambani!

Looking for inspiration? Here’s why Nita Ambani should be your fashion idol!
Published -18 Apr 2022, 16:05 ISTUpdated -18 Apr 2022, 16:24 IST
  • Mahima Girotra
  • Editorial
  • Published -18 Apr 2022, 16:05 ISTUpdated -18 Apr 2022, 16:24 IST
Designer Handbags

Having a handbag is a must for every woman. While it may have essentially been available as a commodity that gives you the pleasure of carrying out things you may need, it has turned into a fashion statement. You will always spot a woman leaving the house with either a sling bag or a handbag, that would be complementing their outfit. 

Here’s why you should be looking forward to Nita Ambani and her handbag collection to ace yours! 

Let Your Handbag Be Rare 

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Your handbag is one of the most important things that gathers the most attention in your outfit. Your handbag speaks a lot about who you are. With a rare collection of handbags, you can help yourself and stand out from the crowd. 

To find a rare handbag, you should invest a good time when you go out shopping, while the handbags don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can find a good, rare handbag even at a local or thrift store near you. 

When carrying a rare bag, it is important to let the spotlight shine on the bag, making sure your outfit is mellow if your bag is bright and vibrant. 

Rather Than Diamonds, You Can Go For Embellishments 

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Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend. No matter how many you own, you are always looking for more. We fall into the same trap when it comes to our handbag collection, isn’t it true?

While Nita Ambani owns the Himalaya Crocodile Skin Hermes handbag, the bag is set to be at a cost of Rs 2.6 crores, which had been sold in the year 2018 at an auction. 

The Hermes’ Birkin is considered to be one of the most expensive bags in the world, for it is laced with gold and diamonds. This bag has 240 diamonds embellished onto it, making it a rare find. 

For this particular bag to come at an expensive cost, you can find a much cheaper alternative for yourself. Sequence and glitter make a good handbag fabric too! 

While you can find many bags readily available in the market, you can also opt to make your very own shimmer bag with a DIY! You can attach stones and patches using a thread and a needle, which will also make a great hobby! 

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Snake Print Is Never Out Of Fashion 

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Prints have always been in fashion, regardless of what weather or occasion. For generations, people have been obsessed with snake prints. 

You may find many types of snake prints in the market, ranging in colours and patterns. While the socialite, Nita Ambani owns a classy snakeskin bag from Hermes, it is said to have a snakeskin texture and costs a whopping Rs 25,42,643.

With the purchasing power, Nita Ambani can surely go for a real snake skinned handbag but for a common man, it could be something out of reach. For if you wish to go for a cheaper alternative, you can find a fake leather fabric that could turn into a handbag, either by a DIY or which is readily available in the market. 

Tiny But Impactful 

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Nita Ambani has been spotted carrying clutches every time she has been carrying ethnic and traditional outfits. Looking back at a red carpet event for Time 100 Gala in New York, the socialite was seen carrying a Maharaja Elephant from Judith Taliber which has multicoloured Austrian crystals. This costs a whopping $5,495 which roughly translates into Rs. 4,16,646.

She also owns a Ganesh clutch by the same designer, which was also spotted at the MET Gala when Sudha Reddy, who was all set to represent India. 

The tiny clutches may look small in hand but are highly impactful. Not all tiny bags make an impression. You need to pick yours carefully. The bag should mean something to you, for it to show an effect on the person looking at you, even from afar. You can choose to go for colour contrasting bags or figurines like that of Nita Ambani and her Ganesha clutch! 

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Black Is A Classic And A Need

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Has black ever gone out of style? We believe not! 

Black has been a staple colour for every event and occasion. You can either go for a matte finished bag or for a glossy bag. There is also an option for you to choose a shimmering bag, it is a must choice for when you are planning on going for a night out with your girls. 

Leaving aside textures, you can also go for various styles. With many options available today in the market, you can go for a sling bag or a classic handbag, as per your choice. You will find crossbody handbags as well as fanny packs that have made quite a buzz in the fashion world. 

Fanny packs are easily accessible while you travel as the bag goes across your body or your waist, as you like and can help you carry immediate documents like passports, cash and keys. 

Black is a colour that is well suitable with every other outfit you choose! You can match a white monochrome outfit with a black sling too, pairing it with black sneakers or pumps! 

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