Maxi dresses are stunning and most importantly versatile. Depending on the silhouette and design, you can sport them to parties, wedding ceremonies, and random outings. However, many short girls feel sceptical about investing in one. We know you too want to wear them, but there’s a lot that goes on your mind. To make anything look amazing on your frame, there is always something extra that we need to focus on, the same goes for the maxi dresses. Just by minding a few style and design patterns, you will be making jaws drop in a maxi dress. Wondering how? Let’s quickly find out! 

Pick One Solid Colour 

Dark hues always help to make the body look elongated in comparison to what it already is. It is because dark colours act as a great distraction to the eyes to focus on any other feature. The idea behind picking one colour is that it gives uniformity. Without finding any blockage in between your eyes will automatically get the idea of a longer body. Besides black, you can try grey, brown, army, or hunter greens.  

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Flaunt In Wrap Maxi Dresses 

Flaunt In Wrap Maxi Dresses

While you’re trying to look taller for a maxi dress, don’t forget your plus points are your curves and you need to flaunt them. A wrap dress helps in the best way to let your curvy body speak for you. A wrap maxi dress can be regarded as one of the most comfortable dresses ever! Pair it with long charm necklaces, hoop earrings, gorgeous jutis and you will be ready to catch eyeballs! 

Pick the Right Cut 

When it comes to maxi dress, you can totally play around with its length and that’s where the asymmetrical maxi dress comes. These are ideal long dresses for short girls, as they make you look tall and curvy at the same time. However, you will have to mind the fabric. Anything too thick may not look that appealing. Go for silk, georgette, satin types of fabric. If there is rushing on the skirt, try that the upper body is simple. You don’t want to add too many elements in one attire.  

The Right Length Is The Key

The Right Length Is The Key

There are different types of length available for maxi dresses, contrary to popular belief. If you’re short or petite, floor-length dresses will always work best for you in comparison to the ankle-length ones, as shown in the picture. If you don an outfit that touches your ankles, you’re likely to give an illusion of a shorter person, no matter whether or not you’re wearing heels. This is because the stitching at the bottom is a horizontal line, which cuts across creating a blockage for the eyes. 

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Pick Your Shoes Smartly 

When already your outfit is covering more than half of your body, you definitely don’t want to cover up more part with bulky footwear, unless it is not an asymmetrical maxi dress. The ideal pick will be to keep the feet open and airy. While some people may tell you to don pumps with maxi dresses, the perfect companion actually will be a pair of heeled strappy sandals. 

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