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    How To Style Co-Ords In 5 Different Ways

    Co-ords have been ruling the fashion world for quite some time. Here are 5 different ways you can style yours for the coming season!
    Updated at - 2021-10-25,13:44 IST
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    With the fashion sector generating the world’s most income and expenditure unit, there are numerous designs, styles and patterns that come into play every single day. Many trends make it into action and many of them don’t. 

    Co-Ords are a trend that has increasingly taken over the world at a fast pace. Today, you’ll spot many men and women wearing co-ords on the street. Co-ords meaning coordinating clothing doesn’t necessarily mean the same for everybody. You can style your co-ord in numerous different ways. Influencers and fashion bloggers on social platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok have taken it upon themselves to bring newer trends to us on a daily basis.  

    Here are 5 Different ways you can style your Co-Ord set this season!

    Ethnic Co-Ord 

    Like many influencers on the street, ethnicity has taken over the co-ord land and we have the Indian co-ord set ruling our hearts. Ethnic co-ords are an ideal choice for weddings and cultural fiestas, don’t you all agree? The vibrancy of colours and designs are impeccable in regards to Indian culture, with co-ords being able to enhance them uniquely, they are an ideal outfit. 

    You can turn up the co-ords set with vibrant, contrasting jewellery like a choker and hand bracelet from ancient times. Vintage designs suit cultural diversity and look outstanding with soft and hand embroidery fabric. 

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    Playsuit Co-ord 


    A playsuit is an outfit most of us wear on a daily basis and we find it very comfortable. To take your daily wear up a notch, add junk jewellery or a minimal pendant and earring set to the look. Rosy cheeks will suit your look, even more, topped with sunglasses and a hat if you could! 

    Colour-Blocked Co-Ord

    how to style co ord

    Colour blocking is a new trend in the market. You can very well incorporate two trends and make a huge fashion statement such as this one. Add the colour blocking scheme to your co-ords and let it do the magic. 

    Contrasting colours is the only rule to follow when you want to colour block. Study a colour wheel, understand your skin tones and shades, experiment and know what suits you better than the rest. The only tip to colour blocking is to be bold enough. Confidence is what gets you way ahead in the fashion game. If you think you can pull it off, you will. Go bold, go big. 

    Athleisure Co-Ord 

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    Athleisure has also become a part of our daily lifestyle and we are more than comfortable wearing our gym clothes to work, parties or even meetings. Coordinating with athleisure is simple but it has to be appealing to the other’s eye. Pick a colour that suits your skin tone and fabric that suits your body shape, pair them with a classic pair of sneakers and a baseball cap if you can and you have it all together. 

    You can colour block with athleisure too but let the shades not be super bold and instead take subtle shades with athleisure. 

    Pantsuit Co-Ord

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    A pantsuit is a classy co-ord set for most of society. You may want to get a similar print all over the pantsuit as a colour or print blocking doesn’t seem to be applicable on pantsuits as such, but you can also go ahead and try. A solid pantsuit can be colour blocked but when we speak of prints, it’s very difficult to get the right combination. 

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    For a pantsuit, you’ll always need pumps, but to keep it casual, switch the pumps for some bedazzled shoes. Shoes tend to go with everything these days. Why need heels when shoes give the same glam? You can also tie your hair in a sleek or a messy bun, giving a dramatic effect to the look and you’re going to look drop-dead gorgeous, with no doubts in our hearts. 

    How are you styling your co-ord set this season? Let us know on our official Instagram page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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