The perfect shoe can make you feel like swan and a bad one can make you feel like a duck; it’s on you who you want to become. Shoes can be a great weapon in your arsenal of fashion. Every woman should be familiar with the cardinal rules of matching shoes to any outfit. 

It is quite hard to know what shoe will match which outfit; we are here to help you with that. There some basic rules and if you follow it then you never again have to worry about another footwear blunder 



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Heels are one of the quintessential pieces of footwear that every lady should have; though you must pick something comfortable and breathable. A tight uncomfortable heel is one from a hellish nightmare.

First you must know that heels can be worn with outfits that require height or to make you leg look longer. Heels look especially badass with a dress. Cocktail dresses look great with stilettos while sundresses look delightful in wedges whereas chunky high heels look absolutely stunning on short flowy dresses.

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Boots; no don’t think of gum boots! Sexy black or innocent pink boots are stunning be it winters or summers. Boots unlike heels is not feminine by nature as it was first worn by men then incorporated into female fashion; though boots can make any look badass and sexy.

Boots a lot like heels give a lot of height to your look but also give it an edge which heels can not. Boots and pants look great together; cargo pants and combat boots can kill together, pants look great in normal heeled boots and a sexy cocktail dress will look absolutely bad ass in thigh highs



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Flats are a tall lady’s best friend; unlike heels flat goes with outfits which do not require much height or your surroundings are not best for heels. Flats are beach wear, something which mainly comes out during vacations but a good pair of flats can make your outfit look cute and adorable. Flats look absolutely adorable on sundresses giving it a youthful and fresh vibe.

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Sneakers And Converse 

sneakers and converse

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Sneakers and converse are a dream for everyone who loves street style. Sneakers are one of the most popular footwear which both the genders love and adore. Sneakers and converse have all the perks from being comfortable, stylish and breathable but don’t forget to put your sneakers aside before you go give an interview.

Sneakers and converse look great with cargo pants, jeans of all types, sweatpants and even some dresses; especially the sporty kind of dresses.


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