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Expert Explains How Digital Is Becoming The Future Of Fashion

Covid has taken us towards the road of digitalisation and the scenario is no different for the fashion world.  
Published -04 Jan 2022, 10:45 ISTUpdated -11 Jan 2022, 12:41 IST
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The last decade has been characterized by rampant digitization and technical infestation. The advent of the COVID pandemic has only accelerated the already anticipated surge in digitization. All industries, big or small, have taken a leap and accepted all things virtual as the way forward. In this scenario, the fashion industry is no different.

Mrs. Priyanka Nanda, Co-Founder, Louoj says, “The fashion industry has fast switched to online mediums of buying, selling, and marketing. The feasibility and ease that accompany online processes have played an integral role in mainstreaming the acceptance of digital fashion.”

Mrs. Priyanka Nanda shares some ways in which digital platforms and the facilities they bring are growing in the fashion industry. 

Enhanced Ease

future digitalisation fashion

The ease of functioning that accompanies digitization is a boon for all industries. Online mediums allow sellers to pitch their products across boundaries and nations. On the flip side, it allows buyers an abundant variety to choose from. The 3D technologies and AR/VR options that are newly entering the fashion world have made activities like online try-outs and sampling possible, which has boosted the convenience of customers who can now virtually try on products before buying them. Virtual sampling, try-outs, and digital showcases aid the minimizing of waste in the fashion industry. Further, they also lead to decreased manufacturing costs and time by getting rid of carbon footprint. Given that technology and sustainability sit at the core of any business growth in the expected future, digitization is truly the future.


A principal reason that has made digitization the norm of the day in the fashion industry is the fast-growing need for sustainability. Digital fashion is convenient, creative, and at par with the requirement of today. Since anything technical is bound to innovate and upgrade over time, digital fashion will never fade out. On the contrary, it will just change and grow with the changing trends of the world. Further, digital platforms are much more feasible for both the buyer and the seller. The enhanced reach and automated services help both parties save not only monetary costs but also time and effort. Thus, digital is the most sustainable and sensible way forward for the fashion industry.

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Increased Precision In Services

ease digitalisation fashion

Online fashion has allowed the customers much more choices than what was available to them before. It has also reignited the older arts of the fashion industry such as the fashion of customized clothing. Bespoke clothing, too, has made a virtual leap along with the rest of the fashion industry and is now becoming increasingly mainstream. The AR and VR technologies have really come in handy in enhancing the precision of customization of clothing here. By allowing virtual try-outs, it makes it possible for the manufacturer to replicate exactly what the customer demands. By doing this, the use of tech helps minimize wastage of cloth and other raw materials, provides better accuracy in work, and saves costs.

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Summing up


Mrs. Priyanka Nanda says, “Digital has truly surfaced to be the future of mankind. All sectors, including fashion, are now fast digitizing to not only keep up with the norms of the day but also avail the many benefits that the internet offers. In this scenario, the new-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence, AR, and VR too have played their part in making the buying and selling of online fashion easier and more fun for both the customers as well as the sellers. The scope of this article seeks to provide an overview of how fashion is going digital.”


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