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Why People Have Started To Prefer Antimicrobial Clothes?

Here are some factors driving the rise in demand for antimicrobial clothes in market.
Published -30 Dec 2021, 09:07 ISTUpdated -30 Dec 2021, 10:05 IST
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With the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a global shift in focus to maintaining health and hygiene. The textile industry put its foot forward to cater the global requirements through a striking alternative- “antimicrobial market”. Antimicrobial clothing is a textile that ensures protection and safety against bacteria, mold and other dangerous forms of microbes. Just like antimicrobial sanitizers and soaps, they attack pathogens on a cellular level to restrict their growth and reproduction. 

Sasha Bose, Founder & CEO at FaibrX says, “In recent times, there has been an escalating demand for antimicrobial clothes in the market. It has been estimated that the market for antimicrobial textiles will grow from medical use to fashion apparel. As per reports by Research and Markets, the antimicrobial textile industry is believed to grow at a CAGR of almost 4% during 2020-2025. The growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic and hygiene led to a huge demand for antimicrobial textiles. The latest forecast stipulated that the textile industry would grow at the rate of 10%, in comparison to the growth rate of 7% before the pandemic.” 

Sasha Bose shares some factors driving the rise in demand for antimicrobial clothes in the market: 

Alternative To Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

covid antimicrobial clothes

Antimicrobial textiles have grown exponentially post the pandemic. High-driven demand for hygiene in sectors like packaging, consumer goods, construction and buildings, food, medical healthcare has further contributed to its key expansion. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are bound to be the largest recipients of the antimicrobial textile industry. The industry strives to embrace personal hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria. Antimicrobial elements are used to create masks, gloves and other safety equipment and control the diffusion of the virus among the population.

Rising dependence of the healthcare industry

 The broadening dependence of the healthcare sector on antimicrobial clothes is another reason for its growing demand. The Healthcare industry regulates high hygiene standards and is one of its largest consumers. Products like curtains, surgical gloves, gowns, dressings and bandages should be protected from the growth of microbes. Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) can be mitigated through antimicrobial elements that fight a wide range of microbes. The need for antimicrobial textiles further widened with the increasing presence of chronic diseases like chickenpox, tuberculosis, diphtheria, rising cases of cross-infection and improvement in the healthcare regime. 

Increasing Awareness About Health And Hygiene

protective antimicrobial clothes

With the growing awareness of personal health and hygiene coupled with the negative impacts of microbes on humans, the demand for antimicrobial textiles has seen a huge rise. Antimicrobial textiles can be used to remove microbial growth responsible for skin infections and foul odor in fabrics. During sports activities, microbes multiply owing to a lot of sweat under increasing temperature. The antimicrobial textile controls infection through the elimination of microbial growth and performance enhancement. 

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Growing Opportunities

Antimicrobial textiles are becoming quite popular among researchers, manufacturers and consumers. The demand for high-quality products to ensure safety and productive life is a driving force. There is a huge opportunity for market researchers to create skin-friendly, cost-friendly, affordable products along with maintaining their uniqueness through antimicrobial textiles. Advancement in technology and ongoing research are a huge reason for the expansion of a new set of opportunities. 

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In the current scenario, antimicrobial textiles are seeing a huge rise in demand, resulting in achieving complete monopoly in the market. The society’s vision towards a healthy and safe nation opens new avenues for antimicrobial clothes, paving the way to a healthier way of life. 

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