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The Best Fabrics For Hot Summers

Take a look at our list of the best fabrics that will keep you cool in the summer.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -09 May 2022, 16:30 ISTUpdated -09 May 2022, 15:14 IST
Best Fabrics For Hot Summers

Summer in India can be exceedingly hot and humid, resulting in discomfort and stickiness. While cotton may be your first thought, there are a few other textiles that can help you feel more at ease this season. All we need to survive is clothing that is breathable, sturdy, and comfortable. For the summer, stock up on these fabrics.

1. Lawn Cloth

This is a semi-sheer, light fabric made from linen and cotton. Lawn cloth can have a soft, semi-crisp, or crisp finish. The semi-transparency of the fabric is well-known. For a silky smooth texture, lawn cloth is made with high-thread-count yarns. Baby wear, dresses, blouses, handkerchiefs, nightwear, and shirts are all made using it.

2. Rayon


Rayon is a unified blend of cotton, wood pulp, and some natural and synthetic fibres that are not a natural fabric. It was created to be a more economical alternative to silk. Rayon is a non-sticky fabric that allows air to flow freely. However, because rayon is not as durable as linen, it is best to hand wash rayon garments.

3. Linen


Linen is a natural and airy fabric made from flax fibres. Because of its durability and breath ability, it is often seen in everyone's wardrobe. Linen is one of the world's oldest fabrics and is more expensive than cotton. The fabric's strength, as well as its ability to conduct heat, accounts for the increased price. It's really light and simple to clean.

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4. Chambray


Summer is a great time to skip the denim and try something new. However, if dropping them causes you discomfort, you have another option. Chambray is a denim-like fabric with the same softness and qualities as cotton. For summer, chambray is the fabric of choice for a crisp shirt or a structured pair of slacks.

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5. Cotton


How can anything replace cotton's pleasant airy feel? The king of summer fabrics has earned this reputation by allowing air to freely flow between its threads. When you sweat, your cotton clothing (How To Make Your Cotton Clothes Last Longer) dries out rather than absorbs it. Other cotton kinds and weaves include muslin, terry cloth, flannel, sateen, gauze, sailcloth, and velveteen.

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