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Dress Your Personality: A, B, C and D Personality Types

If you love psychology and fashion then you are at the right place.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -04 Oct 2021, 15:14 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 17:48 IST
dress like your personality type

Psychology is fascinating but not many might have thought to combine psychology and fashion. Here we are with a list of four personality types and outfits we have created for each personality type.

Us humans are dynamic creatures and we can never fit into a certain personality. Our personality and the way we act keeps changing due to our surroundings, people we interact with all day, our upbringing as well as our genes. Though; us as humans have a core personality which might or might not remain same throughout our life, this has been divided into four main personality types. Psychologists have come up with different types of ways where they have distinguished between personality types but here we have taken the A, B, C and D personality types.

Type A

Type A personality type

Image courtesy; weheartit.com, venue.com, vincerocollective.com, rodeoboutique.com.

Oh the bossy and hardworking Type A is definitely the first we start with especially given that A comes first in out alphabetical series. Type A also known as ‘the director’ is our goal oriented person, always on time and very particular about everything. These people are very risk taking and great under stress. They have quite a no-nonsense, bottom-line approach. Type A would make amazing business people or stock brokers.

For this hardworking type we went for something that would show its lux business side. We started with a beige plaid blazer and beige tweed plaid skirt. For shoes we took some blush pink beige boots with a watch and a bracelet as accessories. Type A needs a watch given how punctual they are.

Type B

Type B personality type

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Image courtesy; pinterest.com, shein.com, balenciaga

Type B areType A’s nemesis as well as best friend given how opposite the two types are. Type A needs Type B to learn how to relax at the same time Type B needs Type A to learn how to be more punctual. Type B is also known as ‘the Socializer’; this type loves to party, socialise with people and enthusiastic. Type B people can be persuasive, easy going and charismatic. You most definitely would see a lot of Type B people in PR, social media and politics.

For the easy going yet charismatic Type B we wanted something fun, casual yet trendy. We decided on a cute white crop top with tiny sunflowers and black graphic jeans with hearts because Type B people can definitely light up any room with a fun conversation. For shoes we choose comfortable black chunky sneakers. 

Type C

Type C personality type

Image courtesy; www.iscolette.fr, asos.com, etsy.com, rebelsmarket.com

If Type A is the business people then Type C are the intellectuals. Type C is quite close to Type B but the people who are Type C are perfectionists; they will take ages to per their craft and want to be the best at it. Also known as ‘ the Thinker’; Type C people are detail oriented, logical people who love to push the boundaries. Type C people are Greta artists, programmers, investigators, intellectuals etc. 

For the Type C we decided something trendy, sleek and smart. We started with a black on black combined black blazer and black pants. We added a black high neck to give it an high end vibe with golden chunky chain and black sleek boots.

Type D 

Type D personality type

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Image courtesy; venue.com, thekittenpark.com, fila.com

Our soft angels; Type D are definitely cautious like a cat and task oriented. Also known as ‘the Supporter’; these people are absolutely caring, approachable, compassionate and fair. Type D is the sweetest of all types and can be a bit introverted in nature as they like to stay low key and keep to themselves. They love a routine and this also helps them get very skilled in what they do. You might find a lot of nurses, teachers, social workers, doctors etc. in Type D.

For the soft loving Type D we went with the most comfortable outfit they can wear while lounging in after a long day. We started with comfortable black joggers with an oversized black graphic hoodie for optimal comfort and style. Oversize in now in fashion and Type D loves it.

With that we added comfy baby pink sneakers if they want to go out grocery shopping. Pink; to symbolise their soft loving side. Also tea is big for these Type D and what better way to relax after a long day than A cute of Chamomile Tea.

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