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Expert-Recommended Jackets That You Must Add To Your Winter Wear Wardrobe

Looking to update your winter wear wardrobe but don’t know the latest trends? Read on to know expert suggestions on the same. 
Published -31 Oct 2020, 12:57 ISTUpdated -03 Nov 2020, 15:54 IST
Expert Recommended Jackets That You Must Adde

Winter has almost arrived and so is the season of getting our pullovers and jackets out of the box. While some of them were bought just last winter, we are pretty sure that there are a few that have been making their way into our wardrobes for the past many seasons. 

They might be of impeccable quality to last this long but a style doesn’t remain forever. It is essential that we enhance our wardrobe to make it ready for the winter in sync with the existing fashion trends. If you are confused what winter garments will trend this season, Surya Suri, director of Steele Collection, a premium made-in-India clothing brand can help. 

HerZindagi spoke to him exclusively to take some suggestions. “A winter wardrobe is simply incomplete without a range of different styles of jackets. The jackets make dressing up easy and quick. They are extremely versatile and can go with anything from high-waist jeans to chinos. You can pair your jackets with lightweight sweaters for fall or can layer up with warm turtlenecks and corduroys for winter. Though you may be going to fewer places this fall and winter, you’re still sure to make plenty of these adorable jacket trends,” he explained and suggested to add these pieces in your winter wear wardrobe. 


Belted Jackets 

A belted jacket gives cinch you at the waist giving a flattering silhouette. These jackets are on the casual end of the jacket spectrum. Despite that, a decent belted jacket can also be a good companion for office. Depending upon the jacket’s length, you can choose to keep the belt on or off. Their double-breasted style and side pockets let you be comfy in your outlook and can be wrapped around just anything you wear.

Plaid Jackets

Plaid Jackets 

Plaid jackets have remained one of the most popular fall and winter staples. The plaid pattern makes these jackets an incredibly versatile piece. If you’re eyeing a sophisticated look or want to make a statement or a chick yet subtle look, plaid is to go for. Plaid is often mistaken for checks or flannel but is actually a specific pattern made of crisscrossed lines in two or more colours forming a grid of squares in myriad combinations.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets 

Denim jackets are evergreen and apt for all moods and styles. You can nail the chick look in two-tone denim jacket while rock the rugged look in a vintage washed denim jacket. With these you can try a denim-on-denim look, pairing with a contrasting pair of jeans or denim skirt. It is believed that most people own at least one denim jacket as it’s versatile enough to complement any outfit. It is especially awesome for the transitional period between fall and winter.

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Leather Jackets 

Leather Jackets

There can hardly be any better winter attire than a leather jacket that suits your style and personality. There are biker leather jackets, buttoned leather jacket and the ones that are sleek and polished. The key is to find the right fit, it takes trial and error. You may go for the evergreen black or different shades of brown. Leather jackets are the epitome of classic cool when it comes to fall style.

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