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Mom Jeans Vs. Straight Jeans: Know Similarities, Differences & Styling Tips

People often get confused between mom jeans and straight jeans. Learn everything about them here.
mom jeans and straight jeans similarities and differences

Denim jeans are a cool and comfortable outfit that goes with several different styles and gives you a smart and elegant look. There are many different sorts of jeans, each with its own unique flair, yet all of them work their magic in their own special way.

People commonly confuse Mom jeans and Straight Jeans among the several sorts of jeans styles. They do, however, have a lot of differences.

To learn more about these jeans, check out this guide that explains the differences, similarities, and several ways to style them. Take a look at this:

What Are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans acquired its name from the fact that they were primarily worn by mothers who needed a comfy outfit to go through their day. These jeans have a high waist and straight legs, and are cut wide at the hips and crotch area. They're a comfortable fit that's a little slack in the back, which makes it look flatter and doesn't really highlight the curves, which goes with the modest aesthetic. Additionally they come with  an elasticized waist that makes them even more comfortable.

They are perfect wear for a lazy hangout day which will give you a smart look without much effort.

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What Are Straight Jeans?

Straight Jeans are another popular design, which are known for their smart and stylish appearance. They're easily recognizable on the street, worn by both men and women. These jeans first gained popularity in the 2000s, when they were worn to work, on informal outings, and as everyday trousers. These fashionable jeans have now taken over for all occasions. The straight leg jean is exactly what it sounds like: it's a pair of jeans with straight legs that are the same width from the hips to the ankles.

The flared or bootcut jeans and other styles of jeans we see today have mainly originated from the straight leg jeans. These jeans start straight and flare at the bottom. They are now available in a variety of styles that vary in length and waist height, making them suited for a wide range of sizes and body shapes.

boot cut jeans and straigt jeans

Similarities Between Mom Jeans & Straight Jeans

Both pairs of jeans are effortlessly cool and suitable for a variety of occasions. They have a relaxed fit and are quite pleasant to wear.

Differences Between Mom Jeans & Straight Jeans

  • Mom jeans have a looser fit all around. The back is looser, as is the front, and the legs are looser as well. The straight leg jeans, on the other hand, has a somewhat slimmer overall fit than the mom jeans, making it more suited to those who like a more shapely look.
  • Straight jeans are available in a variety of lengths, with some ending just above the ankles. Mom jeans, regardless of style or fit, feature a high waist. The high waist is a classic appearance for mom jeans, and it's usually elasticized as well.
  • Because the mom jeans has a larger waist, it is perfect for a wide range of sizes and body shapes, particularly if you want to slim down your thighs while enhancing your waist. Because of the straight shape and consistent width of the straight jeans, from the hips to the ankles, straight leg jeans are ideal for short height ladies or those who want their legs to appear longer.

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How To Style Mom Jeans?

mom jeans

You can wear them in a variety of ways, whether you're going to the market or having lunch with friends.

  • Wearing your mom jeans with a white top and sneakers is a timeless look.
  • Pair a leather jacket with a pair of distressed mom jeans.
  • It looks great with a crop top.
  • Wear Mom jeans with a button-up top and loafers for a cool look.

How To Style Straight Jeans?

  • Straight leg jeans are a floating trend these days.  You can combine them in a variety of ways to create distinct looks for different occasions.
  • Wear straight leg jeans with a blazer for a sophisticated look.
  • Double denim is another chic choice you can do with Straight jeans.

I hope this guide will help you for your inner fashionista!

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