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How To Elegantly Style Your Simple Shirt

If you are bored with your look and want to experiment, why not start with revamping your existing clothes? Let's start with styling your simple shirt...
Published -03 Jun 2020, 15:48 ISTUpdated -03 Jun 2020, 17:44 IST
fashion buttoned shirt

If you are bored with the normal way of wearing your shirts and want to change your look then worry not as we are listing down 5 different ways in which you can style your shirt. All you have to do is to style them differently and you will get one showstopper look without spending a single penny. So without further ado let's get on with the styling tips.

Front Tuck

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A post shared by Daisyc (@daisyc681) onMay 22, 2020 at 5:27am PDT

Tuck in the front half of your shirt or the one shown above when you wear jeans or any other well-fitted trousers. Complete your look with kitten heels as footwear and for jewellery keep it casual or wear a layered silver chain necklace depending upon the occasion. 

With A Belt

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A post shared by Les Oiseaux (@boutiquelesoiseaux) onJun 3, 2020 at 12:22am PDT

Wear your long shirt with a belt above your waistline. You can wear it with well-fitted trousers or just that like a dress depending upon the length of your shirt. Pep up your shirt by pairing it with a thin leather belt or with a chain belt and like you can see in the above image, you can team it with a cloth belt. For more drama, you can go for a cincher belt. This will accentuate your curves even more.

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With A Skirt

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A post shared by Clothes | Shoes | Bags (@uwu.wardrobe) onJun 3, 2020 at 12:11am PDT

This one is super easy. Just in case you thought that a shirt can be worn only with a pant or trouser then ladies this one will give you more ideas. Bring out those funny printed, bold-hued shirts and pair them with your skirts. Wear a long-sleeved one to balance the look depending upon the length of your skirt. To complete the cool, you can wear a simple pendant along with a cute pair of heels in the footwear department.

Knot It Up

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A post shared by MERAKI STUDIOS (@merakistudios_) onJul 23, 2018 at 2:57am PDT

It is not necessary to wear your shirt with the full length. It is time to experiment and break your plain Jane image if you are bored with your look. You can wear a skirt or jeans or even trousers in monotones and knot your shirt like in the picture above. Button up till the midriff section and with the remaining two ends simply make a knot. Many brands even sell shirts that have a separate tie-up but why waste money when you can do it yourself on those simple buttoned shirts.

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Wear a cool bralette like Anushka Sharma as there are several styles and options available in the market at affordable rates. Bring out those culottes or even ankle-length jeans and pair it with a light transparent shirt that you thought you won't wear. You could also wear it with a spaghetti top inside depending upon your comfort factor but if 'mauka hai, dastoor hai' and you have that attitude, then go for the bralette! This way you even beat the heat in the hot season or ditch humidity when it rains.

So which look do you think you can try? Would you like some more ideas on what jewellery or makeup we can complete these looks with? Let us know on HerZindagi's Facebook Page and stay tuned for more updates on fashion, makeup looks and skincare tips.

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