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These Types Of Jeans Can Make You Look Taller, Know How To Style Them

Regardless of how body positive we are, we all can occasionally have desires for things we don't have, such as a taller appearance.
jeans types to look tall

Denim jeans come in a variety of styles and are popular with people of all ages. It's a style that never goes out of vogue. Different types of jeans are styled in various ways, yet they all look stunning. Some jeans are funky, while others are classy. Different varieties of jeans can be worn for varied occasions and give you different looks.

Some jeans can also make you appear taller. Body positivity is something that everyone should have because every size has their own stylish fashion. However, styling to appear taller might sometimes offer you a unique style that you may want to try on occasion. If you're looking for that look, these jeans, when dressed right, can offer the appearance of extra inches of height. Take a look:

1. Straight Leg Jeans

straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans are the simplest way to instantly look taller. They also have the added benefit of being exceedingly comfy to wear. You may balance out the proportions by wearing it with a fitting shirt. This jeans style can be baggy, similar to boyfriend jeans or relaxed-fit jeans, or slim. Straight-leg jeans normally have hems that reach the ankle, but some people like to wear them rolled or cropped.

How To Style?

  • For a casual yet elegant style, pair your high-waisted straight-leg jeans with an unstructured blazer over a fitted top.
  • When dressing straight-leg jeans, choose a top that accentuates your waist. This will give a chic look.
  • Style your straight-leg jeans with a black bodysuit or turtleneck to add some class. Finish with a pair of pointed stilettos or high, black heels.
  • For an edgy and casual style, wear ripped, dark-wash straight-leg jeans with a classic white tee, a fitting leather jacket, and black shoes.
  • Straight-leg jeans look great with a variety of tops, such as T-shirts, turtlenecks, and button-down blouses.

2. Boot Cut Jeans

boot cut jeans

Boot cut jeans look great on short women and are sure to impress. These jeans look fantastic on all body types, but especially on those with an apple or hourglass figure.

How To Style?

  • Wear bootcut jeans with a crop top or hoodie and skate sneakers for a casual appearance.
  • Bootcut jeans look well in business casual settings. You may pair bootcut jeans with a collared shirt, cardigan, or blazer.
  • Dark blue bootcut jeans with a more mild flare look excellent with a v-neck t-shirt or a turtleneck and sport blazer.
  • For sunny fall days, wear bootcut jeans with a black leather jacket, canvas tote, and a knit cap, or a more upscale suede jacket, dark leather shoulder bag, and tortoiseshell sunglasses.
  • For a laid-back look, pair your bootcut jeans with stylish footwear and a casual blazer.

3. High Rise Skinny Jeans

high rise jeans

High rise skinny jeans are preferred for a lot of reasons. They hit you at your waist, which is typically the smallest area of your stomach, covering your belly and making your legs appear taller.

Check that the length you select complements the length of your body and legs. People with more petite frames should avoid cropped high-waisted jeans, which might shorten their frames.

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How To Style?

  • Style high-waisted bootcut jeans with platform booties or leather ankle boots for an edgy yet classic look. Complete the appearance with a sleeveless T-shirt or tank top and a leather jacket that covers your shoulders.
  • Tuck a button-down shirt into some high-waisted, dark wash jeans and pair them with loafers or high heels for the office or a formal occasion.
  • A slouchy, oversized white T-shirt or graphic tee tucked into mom jeans or skinny high-rise jeans and paired with white sneakers or sandals provides a go-to casual attire.
  • Wear black straight-leg high-waisted jeans with a black turtleneck and black shoes for a sleek, serious look. For a splash of brilliance, add a gold statement necklace or a gold-plated decorative belt to the outfit.

4. Flare Jeans

flare jeans

A flare Jeans is a boot cut pant that reaches the floor and is quite elongating. They are often high-waisted or mid-rise. They are an ideal combination for giving you the appearance of being taller. Jeans with a flare will draw the eye down and create the impression that you are taller. Choose a leg length that is closest to the floor but does not skim it. By wearing longer-length jeans, you can create the illusion of longer legs.

How To Style?

  • For a breezy look, pair these blue jeans with a crop top, a beach hat, and sunglasses.
  • Wear a black tee with your flared jeans and a denim jacket for a stylish all-denim look.
  • To create an office-friendly, casual workday appearance, tuck a button-down shirt into your jeans and throw on your favourite jacket.
  • A fresh white shirt looks great with these flared pants, and if you want to make it a little more edgy for heading out at night, throw on a leather jacket as well.

These are the jeans you need to invest on as they can never go out of style and will always give you fabulous looks. Go stylish with these jeans and flaunt your style wherever you go. 

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